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Musical Instrument Museum Music is a rich part of history. It is an integral piece of the human experience that can’t be avoided. It is everywhere and has been a part of humanity for all of recorded history. It was a way of passing stores from one generation to the next and a way of celebrating and entertainment. Today it is mainly entertainment but one of the largest business out there. Where there is music there are musical instruments. An instrument can be as simple as two sticks or as complex as a piano. The Musical Instrument in Phoenix Arizona is trying to keep up with history and preserve as much of the rich history that is Musical Instruments. I was surprised when I visited the museum I hadn’t planned on visiting it but plans got canceled and I was able to take a few hours and explore this one of a kind museum. I was not disappointed the staff and owners of the museum have spent lots of time perfecting the museum and obtaining rare and exciting musical instruments from around the world. There are the normal instruments that we are all accustom to. Guitars, piano, saxophone, and other band instruments. The real treats however is the instruments outside the normal and its fun to try and guess how the instruments are played before reading about it. My family and I made a game out of it. I would recommend the Musical Instruments Museum to anyone would is looking for a nice cool play to get out of the Arizona sun and enjoy some rich history.

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True Food Kitchen I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Phoenix when I visited the city for the first time. I always like to visit local restaurants and know what to expect but from Phoenix I didn’t know what to expect. My wife saw True Food Kitchen on our way through the city and wanted to try it out. It was truly an enjoyable experience and a place that I would dine at again if I had the chance. True Food isn’t like a normal restaurant but want to really help their guests and show them that food that is good for you can also taste good. All of their dishes are healthy and include ingredieants like kale, quinoa, seabuckthorn, and acai. Don’t be intimidated however it all tastes good and I’m not a guy who normally like flowery green plates of food. I would much rather have a steak then a salad but I can honestly say the food at True Food Kitchen was good from the first bite to the last. There are a few locations across the western states. Two of which are in Arizona, two in California, and the last in Denver Colorado. It is a wonderful restaurant and one I would recommend you try at least once.