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Things to do in Providence

WaterFire I have seen a lot of art sculptures sponsored by cities. Chicago has its giant metal bead, Boston its garden and bronze ducks, and Minneapolis even has a cherry on a spoon. None of these come close to the awesomeness that the City of Providence Rhode Island has with WaterFire. WaterFire is like nothing else you have ever seen its entertain on a whole new scale. Between may and October each year numerous bonfires are lit across the three rivers in downtown Providence. They fill the town with light and a unique aroma that is often found when friends come together at a fire. The 80+ bonfires are something you really have to see for yourself but it doesn’t just end there with the fires. There an engaging amount of music from around the music that brings people t the park. Just like when you gather with friends in the woods while camping there is always people showing off. The fire doesn’t just sit there and burn there is also entertainment by people who love fire. They get out there and just the fire to juggle and make the event even more entertaining. Although this event only happens under 20 times a year is it really an event that you should try to see.

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Where to go in Providence

Roger Williams Park Zoo My kids love the zoo so when we plan vacations its always a big deal if there is a great zoo we were are going. While traveling to Providence we had to stop at the Roger Williams Park Zoo. My kids loved it as they usually do but they couldn’t stop talking about it. They loved the variety of animals and how the habitats were designed around giving the animals the best living environment possible. They were disappointed by the fact that the they missed the all new Animal feedings. Starting May First 2013 for a fee you can get up and personal with some of the animals feeding them and learning more about the animals right from the trainers who help to take care of them. Its $20 per bucket to feed the animals and you can choose to feed either the playful seals or the tall Giraffes. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, just be sure to give them a call and find out which animals get fed and choose which you want to feed. Admission to the park is just 15 bucks for adults and 10 for kids under 12. The Roger Williams Park Zoo is a great place to visit and spend time with you family.