Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Trip to Texas

car we rentedSo there I was, sitting in my hot office sweating and typing away. Then it hit me, its time for me to upgrade my 1990s two bladed fan with something with a little more blow. I’m not just looking for any old fan, I’m looking for the best quality fan that they have on the market. So in this case, I quickly went to the all mighty Google to get my facts straight on the best fan factory in the US.

After two days I had all of my facts straight and was prepared for my vast journey. I was headed to The Fan Factory in Beaumont, Texas for the most optimal performing fan on the market. From my home here in Orlando, Florida I made my way to Avis rental car and picked out the ride I knew would get me to Texas the fastest. I pulled out of Avis in a 2010 Infiniti M35 and sped my way to the road.

I must say that my journey to Texas was one of the shortest road trips I’ve ever been on (probably due to high speed). I arrived at the Fan Factory and oh man, this place was fan heaven. This is the place that all fans wish that they could have been sold from. This place had every assortment of fans to choose from I didn’t even know where to begin. I asked one of their friendly sales associates and he guided me in my journey of fan greatness. He took me down an isle and there it was, that was it, the all mighty fan that my heart desired. I didn’t hesitate and quickly grabbed my beloved fan off the shelf and scooted to the checkout. I could not wait to set this baby up in my office and feel it high performance blowing power.

Immediately after I checked out I started up my M35 and made my way back home. The way home felt much longer than the original drive (probably due to the fact of my overexcitement). I booked it all the way home and finally arrived to my office. I wasted no time and had my fan installed immediately. To this day I am now working in my cool office, all because I made my way to the Fan Factory to get the greatest fan of all time.


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