Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Up North

The Turkey Bowl

This past Thanksgivings Day Holiday my family and I decided to take a trip up north to Nanuet, New York and then over to Ridgefield Connecticut. We are all originally from Nanuet and were going up to visit some family we have up north. We flew into Newark Airport and picked up our rental car. Prior to flying into New York we booked our rental car. It was so easy to book a cheap rental car, they work with so many different companies that finding the perfect car was simple. When we got to the airport we went over to the Dollar Rental Car pick-up location and got the car in less than 20 minutes. They were very fast and organized which was great because we had to go meet up with our uncle in town right after we landed. Our favorite place to go whenever we visit Nanuet is the Nanuet Hotel Restaurant, they have the BEST pizza in the whole world there. We met up with our uncle, ordered a ton of pizza and played the fast ball game they have there. Our cousin who was coming home from college also met us there along with our uncle’s fiancé! It was so great to see everyone and catch up over some amazing pizza. After dinner my sisters and I went with our cousin back to her house in Ridgefield, CT to spend the night and see our other cousins, our mom took the rental car with back to my uncle’s house because she was going to ride up with him in a few days to meet up with everyone for thanksgiving day.

The drive from Nanuet to Ridgefield was a fast drive and we got home in time to see our other cousins just as they came home from their afterschool sports practice. The next morning my cousins and I got up and made a huge sign for my younger cousin, Tommy, who was going to be playing a football game on thanksgivings day. We wanted to show our support for him in the loudest most embarrassing way possible! After that we went out to drive around Ridgefield, it’s such a nice town and everyone seems to know everyone else. We went to the local grocery store to get some last minute goodies for my aunt that she needed for the next day. Then we took a drive over the movie theater and saw the new Twilight movie. The rest of the night we spent hanging out at home playing against each other in Rockband; it was so much fun being able to hang out with our cousins who we don’t really get to see much.

On thanksgivings day we woke up early and had to get ready for our cousins big football game. We met up with our mom and uncle and grandma and grabbed some seats for the game. Tommy played an amazing game, they actually ended up winning the game and he loved out sign! After the game we went home to feast on great food and watch some football. My mom and uncle are huge Dallas Cowboy fans so of course the highlight of the night was that game. Overall it was a great holiday spent with family!

We left two days later, we drove back to Newark Airport and returned the rental car, and although the airport was a little crowded the service people at the rental car drop off were so easy to work with and made our return go very smoothly. Using a rental car when booking our trip definitely made a difference in how well things went on our trip. We plan on renting again this year when we head back to New York.