Friday, August 20, 2010

Tropicana Field with Jadakiss

Cam'ron and Jadakiss at Tropicana Field There is a famous hip hop artist by the name of Jadakis who will be performing live at the Tropicana Field on Friday the 13th. All the Jerky Boys are true fans of this particular member of the Ruff Ryder crew he has made several hip hop songs that we bump in our trunks on the daily so of course you already know where we are headed too. Our homeboy Rafie has a connect with ticket master and was able to get us pretty close to the stage , now you have to understand we want to be close to the stage for one reason only and it’s to be close to the Guppies that will be up front and center although Rafie would never admit to that because he’s a little shy when it comes to the chicas. Now in order to head out to Tampa we knew we had to rent a few flashy whips because we some true ballers and our status is smokie macaroni and we ain’t fonies “YA HEARD”!?! So we all decided that the car to rent would be some mobbed out Cadillac of the year. We rented five of them and we made sure they were all the same color they were all black with peanut butter leather interior I’m telling you boy we was most definetly on our pimp status fo sho. Our other homeboy B moore slim made reservations at the hard rock casino and hotel just in case we wanted to stay the night out there and hang with some scalie wags. It was perfect everyone had gotten paid and they cashed there checks packed a light bag just in case we stood over night and made sure that the gear we put on that night would be so fly that it would make your vision blurryJ the concert was set to start at 7pm and we had to be their early to do the line we didn’t realize it but Rafie had purchased V.I.P passes to the concert so once we made it to the Tropicana field we went right in thru the gate with our passes. Everybody was looking at us like we was pretty important because as soon as we got there we were escort by security to the backstage where we were able to briefly meet with the artists that were performing that night including Jadakis. The whole crew was amazed that we had a chance to talk to these dudes and honestly they were some down to earth guys they were in know rush to brush us off and they invited us to join them at an after concert private party at this night club naturally we said hell yes and they put us all on a list and told there security guys to take us to the sky box area where the v.i.p’s are assigned to be for the concert. Nothing could prepare us for this as soon as we get there we open these doors and there was a bar just for us and of course with a bartender ready to serve us what ever we wanted and we had one waitress and there was comfortable leather coaches facing a huge sliding window which was facing the concert stage . Now I know what we wanted was to be close to the Guppies but this was ten times better because we had this area all to ourselves up until we heard a knock on our V.I.P door and once the security guy opened the door there were 12 of the most fly looking senoritas that we had ever seen the security guy said they were compliments of Jadakis we all looked at each other like this was some sort of dream. Cesar said something like “ This guy must really like us” and I said “that’s because he sees the swagger seeping thru our pours”.