Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blazin' Challenge at B-Dub

Sanderballs are hard to see. One of the members of the jerky boys will be leaving soon to boot camp so we thought that it would be a great idea if we all got together and head out to buffalo wild wings and just hang out and have a few drinks and eat a good meal especially knowing that our boy wouldn’t be able to do this for another 4 months you see our friend SANDERBALL will be joining the marines and he will be hard at work for his country. As soon as we got to this location it was pretty obvious that we were the only people in the restaurant and we liked that idea because we had the place to our selves. The waitress that had helped us was Heather B. she is an army chic and when she found out that sanderball was going to the marines she was acting a little bothered but it turns out that she was just playing around with us and she was pretty cool with us through out the time we were there. Now for the interesting part after we had eaten our meal the guys had a crazy idea but I must admit now that it will always be a memorable one. Sanderball thought it would be great to do the buffalo wild wing challenge if you’re wondering what the challenge is then I’ll explain. Basically what it is you have to eat 12 of the most hottest spiciest wings ever known to man in under 6 minutes with out stopping or drinking anything to cool your mouth down so the brave ones that stepped up to the plate was jerry boy, Cesar Chihuahua Rivas and of course because he was leaving it had to be Sanderball in line to eat the death wings. So we waited for the wings to come out and we were discussing who would go first and the reason we wanted to do it that way was because we wanted to record each person eating the wings separately that way we could see there individual expressions and let me tell you that was one of the best ideas we had to record these guys. The first one that went up was Sanderball he dug in right away and you could tell real fast that it was a struggle because his face was sweaty and looked like it wanted to explode he coughed a couple of times but he was able to finish with good time I believe he finished with 5minutes and 51seconds. The rest of this story is awesome but since I am running a little low on time I’ll have to share the greatness tomorrow.