Saturday, October 09, 2010


Palau Sant Jordi Barcelona
After we ate at the Tapas bar we started to head out to my aunt’s house and it seemed like it took for-ever to get to her house. We left Barcelona city and started heading out to the country and I almost thought we were getting lost because all I was seeing for miles and miles was cow fields and farms and one local gas station which was my luck because I needed to fill up the convertible and to my surprise I seen my cousin gassing up his jeep and I followed him the rest of the way to my aunt’s house.

When we pulled up to her property it blew my mind how beautiful her land looked first I didn’t even realize that she was starting her own vineyard to start producing her own special wine and she had chickens, pigs, cows, and even bulls with those big horns sticking out of their heads. My girlfriend was extremely excited because my aunt had a stable of the most finest looking horses that she uses for herding her cattle and she also has an area on her property that you can go horse back riding thru a trail that she purposely made for her horses.

Her house was nothing that I ever seen in my life because for an old Spaniard farm house it was huge and much modernized. She had 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms not to mention the huge wine cellar in her basement and the diesel kitchen. I was amazed on how beautiful her house was and so was my girlfriend. Once we got settled in to our room my aunt had this big spread laid out for us and she set up everything out back facing her 85 acres of beautiful land. I’ve eaten my aunt’s food before but for some reason her style of cooking changed when she moved out there she must have become a real Spaniard because the food was far from the Dominican style flavor that I’m used but it was awesome.

Once we ate we were so stuffed I could even chill with the family besides the fact that we were on a plane for 11 hours we also needed to rest for the big game for the following day. My cousins would also be going with us so they were excited to go also. So we finally get up and start our morning by eating a delicious breakfast that my titi made and boy was it great she told me and my girl that we better have a lot of fun today at the game because the rest of the week would be devoted to being with her and helping her out with the feeding of the animals and also teaching us about her vineyard.

So we finally get ready to head out to the stadium and I was so happy to be driving the Mercedes convertible because that thing could go so fast I had no choice but to open it up on the way there. We make it to Barcelona city in record time it only took us 30 minutes to get there and then we drove right in front of the stadium it was so beautiful I’ve never been more excited in my life because now I could say to all my boy’s back home that I went to an NBA game in Spain. We got some great parking for the Benzo even though it was expensive at least it would be safe from some one trying to steal it from us.

Palau Sant Jordi InteriorWe start walking up towards the Palau Sant Jordi and it was amazing I had to stop and read the information on the wall that explained briefly who made it and how many people can it accommodate. The person who designed it was from Japan his name is Arata Isazki and his state of the art masterpiece can hold 17,000 people alone in the basketball section. So finally we present our tickets and then we get a private escort to our wonderful courtside seats and even though our boys didn’t do all that well at least they didn’t loose horribly the final score was 92-88 and the FC Barcelona team came out with the win.

All in all I must say the experience of being physically there was worth every penny and of course seeing what my aunt is doing with her property encourages me to most definitely return to this beautiful place of Barcelona Spain….