Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scuba Diving in Biscayne National Park

Out on the water!
So my dad and I spent the last year taking the courses to finally become approved for a scuba diving license. It was hard work getting the time and money together for all the gear as well as the classes. In fact it took every ounce of effort to pry my father away from his job for enough time to take the course. However after the training and a few trips to the ocean with the trainers we got certified.

So we decided that we would look for a place to spend our vacation days and go diving somewhere here in Florida. We ended up finding Biscayne National Park, a large area in Florida where there are several large coral reefs and supposedly it is teeming with sea life. The reason we chose the area is because there is an abundance of tour guides that will take you out to a drop site and then wait for you to surface. Since were both novice divers having someone on hand seemed like a great idea.

Since we are from Georgia we figured we would take a plane down and drive from the airport. However after looking at plane tickets we were disappointed in the prices, so we sought out other means of transportation. We found Rental Car Momma and found that we could afford a car from Alamo with their discounts. So off we set from Georgia to Biscayne National Park in a GMC Acadia.

Were here now and my hands are tingling, I am so exited about tomorrow I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. We got out on the water earlier today, just to get a feel of the area. We are kinda new to all this, so wish us luck on our little adventure.