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Dunn's River Falls in Ocho RiosDunn's River Falls
Is known as the Niagara of Jamaica.  Dunn's River Falls is considered the most popular tourist attraction in Ocho Rios. For all you adventurous visitors, you will want to visit the breathtaking, majestic waterfall of Dunn's River.  Visitors of all ages will be amazed by the natural beauty of the falls. Dunn's River Falls is formed of 600-feet of limestone rock formation as sparkling water cascades over the limestone rock and splashes into the ocean below.  Dunn's Falls provides visitors the option of following a path and stairway that leads down to the base of the falls or for the visitors who want to climb the beautiful falls, let the adventure begin.  For visitors who are not up to climbing they can still view the spectacular falls and that alone is worth the trip.  Before you climb the falls you will need to wear or rent water shoes and visitors have the option of climbing Dunn's Rive Falls alone or with a skilled guide depending on your comfort level and ability.   There are several areas along the way for you to access the river so you can enjoy the cool water as it pulsates over your body.  The climb to the top can take up to one hour with several fantastic areas for photos.  Dunn's River Falls is one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

Sun Valley Plantation
Is the real deal, here visitors can experience a real working plantation.  Sun Valley Plantation has been in constant production since the slave days from the Colonial period and today produces and impressive crop of delicious tropical fruits that include bananas and coconuts.  Owners of Sun Valley Plantation Nolly and Lorna Binns who welcome visitors to join their fascinating tour down the Crescent River to discover and learn about the real workings of plantation life in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  A visit to Sun Valley Plantation is not like your typical tourist attraction, since Sun Valley is a real working plantation.

Local Favorite Restaurant in Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Toscanini's
    Serves some of the best Italian food in Ocho Rios and possibly the best food in Jamaica.  Toscanini's authentic Italian food is prepared with some of the freshest ingredients along with Jamaican influence using popular ingredients like Callaloo and other local spices.  So while you are visiting Ocho Rios be sure to experience some mouthwatering Italian cuisine at Toscanini's.  This popular, local favorite restaurant is located east of town in Tower Isle, set in a 19th century stone pavilion where the upper floors of the building serve as an upscale art gallery.  Toscanini's menu offers several classic Italian dishes accented by changing specials depending on what's fresh from the local market.  The best of many specialties include spaghetti with lobster penne all' ortolana (vegetarian pasta with goat cheese and herbs), crespelle (oven-baked crepes with chopped callaloo and cheese) and the local catch of the day served with Acqua Pazza sauce (white wine, roasted tomatoes, fish reduction and fresh herbs.   The menu displays a strong emphasis on shellfish, fresh fish especially lobster.

Italian Cuisine

  • Dolphin Cove Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios
    Is the perfect destination for adventure and fantastic family fun.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim with dolphins?  Well wonder no further with a visit to Dolphin Cove.  When you are visiting Ocho Rios a swim with the dolphins is a must.  Dolphin Cove is a new & popular tourist attraction situated on acres of tropical rainforest.  Dolphin Cove offers its visitors an up close encounter with friendly, playful dolphins.  Dolphin Cove offers a variety of activities involving the dolphins from swimming with dolphins, touching & petting the dolphins to an encounter swim.  All of these exciting activities are designed to bring visitors in contact with the dolphins.  Visitors can snorkel and take a relaxing stroll through the rainforest and view the colorful, native, wild birds.  Dolphin Cove also has a restaurant serving a variety of meal choices.  A visit to Dolphin Cove will be a memorable one.

  • Firefly
    Was once the vacation home of the famous British playwright and composer Sir Noel Coward.  Here visitors will enjoy touring his home, this a great half day adventure.  The house is now a national monument and has been preserved as Coward left it a living museum of Coward's life complete with two grand pianos where he composed a variety of famous tunes.  His clothes are still hanging in the closet and his books still on the book shelves in the library.   Firefly has welcomed distinguished guests such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sir Laurence Oliver who supposedly sought inspiration from the home's aura and Sir Noel Coward himself has never left he is buried in the garden, his grave is located under a white marble gravestone. 

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  • Green Grotto CavesGreen Grotto Caves in Ocho Rios
    Is the best known limestone cave in Jamaica displaying some of the best stalactites and stalagmites along with a underground lake.  Visitors of all ages will enjoy a visit to Green Grotto Caves.  The Green Grotto Caves are located in Discovery Bay and are approximately 1.5 miles from the spot where Christopher Columbus landed in 1494.  These caves were once used as a hideout by the Spanish during the takeover of the island by English settlers in 1655.  Green Grotto Caves also served as a safe haven for runaway slaves during the 18th century.  And last these famous caves once again were used by smugglers running illegal fire arms to Cuba.  Today Green Grotto Caves welcomes several visitors all wanting to discover the natural beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites.  Visitors will enjoy their guided tour of Green Grotto Caves as they learn the fascinating history.

  • Brimer Hall Estate
    Welcomes visitors of all ages who want to see a working plantation. Here visitors can tour the plantation with a knowledgeable guide and offers visitors a chance to see some of Jamaica's past and present.  A highlight of the tour includes a ride on a tractor-pulled jitney through the orchards of tropical fruits, rows of coffee beans and acres of sugar cane with your guide explaining the crops history and production.  After your plantation tour visitors may enjoy a tasty meal in the Plantation Tour Eating House for some authentic Jamaican cuisine.  Visiting Brimer Hall Estate is a wonderful day trip for the entire family.

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  • Fern Gully  Fern Gully in Ocho Rios
    Is a beautiful three and a half mile scenic drive south of Ocho Rios.  The roads will lead you through a lush gorge called Fern Gully.  This area was originally a riverbed and now the main road curves and winds upward over 700 feet.  Fern Gully is full of hundreds of varieties of ferns, hardwood trees and a lush tall rainforest.  Along the way you will pass several roadside stands selling fruits, vegetables, basket work and hand carved wooden souvenirs.  Visitors of Ocho Rios will be amazed as you take the scenic drive through Jamaica's Rainforest. You will be in awe as you see over three hundred species of ferns.

  • Enchanted Garden
    Is a lush tropical paradise located in St. Ann's the 20 acre garden is situated on a natural river gorge featuring 14 sparkling waterfalls.  The Enchanted Garden features an amazing, large walk-in aviary displaying several exotic birds from around the world with over 80 species. Along with a sea-aquarium stocked full of bright colored tropical fish and lush tropical plants.  The Enchanted Garden is a breathtaking paradise of tropical flowers, hidden coves, relaxing hammocks, and natural ponds & waterfalls.  Visitors can take a leisure stroll along the nature trail displaying a wide variety of palms, ferns, orchids, hibiscus and many other plants and flowers.  Enchanted Garden welcomes visitors of all ages this stunning garden should not be missed on your visit to Ocho Rios.

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  • Coyaba River Garden & MuseumCoyaba River Garden & Museum in Ocho Rios
    Is a beautiful park and museum situated on 420 acres above sea level on the lush green grounds of a perfectly manicured plantation.  Visitors can learn about several cultures that include Taino Indian, Spanish and Arawak.  The Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts & objects that are the main focus of the museum's exhibits.  The word Coyaba means paradise in Arawak language.  After you visit the museum be sure to visit the beautiful stone courtyard, this will leave you speechless as you take in all the natural beauty.  So will the other wonders you discover such as a large variety of tropical flowers, plants and small sparkling water fountains.  The grounds are naturally decorated and would make the perfect back drop for a romantic wedding.

  • Puerto Seco Beach
    Draws in local residents as well as tourists for an authentic Jamaican beach experience.  Puerto Seco Beach is filled with food vendors selling Jamaican favorites including jerk chicken and local reggae bands.  Puerto Seco Beach is near Columbus Park for those visitors wanting a little dose of history.  Columbus Park is dedicated to Christopher Columbus according to stories this was the location where Christopher Columbus first reached the shores of Jamaica.  The park itself is like an open-air museum decorated with artifacts from the Colonial Times.  Puerto Seco Beach offers the true Jamaican experience from the island's smells, tastes and the sounds from the amazing reggae bands.  Visitors of all ages will enjoy spending the day at Puerto Seco Beach.

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