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    Wilderness Beach

    Wilderness Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto RicoEnjoy some fun in the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This beautiful beach is noted to be one of the most gorgeous spots to catch some sun, hang out with friends, meet new people, and catch some waves. When we say one can catch waves in Aguadilla, we mean MAJOR waves. The swells that come into Wilderness Beach are not to be surfed by the novice because they will eat someone alive who is under experienced. Some of the swell conditions are monumental and only appear at certain times of the year, and sometimes not even as often as that so local and visiting surfers get the itch when word brings the waves to the beach. Wilderness Beach is undoubtedly one of the most attractive beaches in the Caribbean as well with the landscape being painted like an abandon island or a scene out of the hit television series, Lost. Beautiful rocky shores, clean mocha colored sands, and the lush tropical plant life will make the urge to stay and settle in this area quite strong. Wilderness Beach is one of the best places to visit for Twenty-something adventurers, explorers, sightseers, and surfers alike. Even if a novice surfer were to come around looking for a good time, there would be many to be had here. The serene landscape is enough to make someone never want to go home. This area of Puerto Rico is definitely for those who want to relax, become immersed in the nature around them and definitely become one with the tropics, beach sand, and cool calming waves which work in a hypnotic rhythm to take all the bad vibes away. The experience on Wilderness Beach is unparalleled by any other and one to be discovered by those who love the ocean. If the ocean and beach are a second home, Wilderness Beach is the place with the key under the mat, waiting to be lived in day after day. One can get lost in the beauty of this amazing beach and the locals are keen to the experience. They offer an even more welcoming aura then that of the beach. Find a local dive to grab some eats and drinks because there are plenty of fresh new faces waiting there to become great friends. Hop on the next flight out and experience Puerto Rico as it should be on Wilderness Beach.

    Crashboat Beach

    Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto RicoCrashboat Beach is a widely known beach for its exquisite beauty and unparalleled scenery. Like its beautiful, exotic sister Wilderness Beach slightly to the north, Crashboat Beach is a great place to come and enjoy the waves, the white, pristine sands and the healthy combination of local and visiting surfers and the like. Out of the big city and into the beautiful wilderness, Crashboat Beach has its share of eateries and bars which make it a quaint place to call home for the time being. It will suck the need to leave out of anyone who visits because of the sheer beauty of the land, the people, and the ocean. Beautiful blue waters with the white breaks and hypnotic rhythms of the waves welcome visitors to a mecca of surfing for most in the Caribbean while the beach and scenery welcome the novices that don’t wish to try their luck in the intimidating waves. The surf at both Wilderness and Crashboat beaches are definitely not to be taken lightly because the conditions are just right to get tossed around. Surfing isn’t the only thing to do on this beautiful beach though. Visitors can pal around with new faces and soak up the sun in an unforgettable environment filled with the fresh scent of ocean and local plant life and beautiful flowers. Staying short term is a delight but leaving will seem depressing because the scenery is so beautiful, especially the people one meets in a tropical paradise such as Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Come out and soak up the sun with some friends and enjoy the surf for a while, wash the worries away on Crashboat Beach.

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico EZ Rent A Car

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    Cosina Creativa

    Cosina Creativa in Aguadilla, Puerto RicoCocina Creativa is an amazing place to grab some food and beverages when in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This enlightening restaurant has an excellent vibe to it featuring surfer décor, amazing food, beautiful sights, and a great mix of local and visiting faces who make the experience so much better. At Cocina Creativa, one will find the most amazing atmosphere and people, bilingual for the English speaking individual, but also a great menu featuring some excellent dishes including fresh sandwiches, entrees, and other items that make meals at Cocina Creativa a taste bud awakening experience. Everything at Cocina Creativa makes everything from scratch with the finest ingredients found anywhere. The food at Cocina Creativa is fresh, delicious, and extremely healthy. Guests of Cocina Creativa love to come out to the restaurant after an early morning of surfing at one of the great beaches in Aguadilla including Wilderness and Crash Boat. At Cocina Creativa, patrons will find fresh coffee, exquisite breakfast, awesome sandwiches, smoothies, fresh baked breads, soups, and even sweet desserts. There is an ever changing list of lunch specials which include everything from pulled pork to the very popular vegetable lasagna. What makes the restaurant so great is the amazingly fresh food that comes to guests made to order; nothing is ever premade or put together using frozen products. The flavors that come out of Cocina Creativa are just that, very creative. One can enjoy a great meal in a relaxing, beautiful environment with some great people and the best quality service Puerto Rico has to offer. For a great taste in dining, relaxing, and hospitality, Cocina Creativa has it. Come in and experience the greatness after a fun filled day at the beach or after one of Aguadilla Aquatic Adventures great tours.

     Aguadilla Tours

    Aguadilla Tours in Aguadilla, Puerto RicoSome good times in Aguadilla can be had on land, checking out the beautiful people, sites, nature, and beaches. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the tropical climate and surroundings in Puerto Rico, especially on the west coast. The greatest times in Aguadilla are by far the ones spent on the ocean, riding over the beautiful gem-like blue waters. One of the greatest providers of good times on the beautiful waters surrounding Aguadilla is the Aguadilla Aquatic Adventures company providing great tours of all sorts to ensure the aquatic fun of Puerto Rico’s visitors to the west. Aguadilla Aquatic Adventures provides three different types of tours to choose from which are all priced right, comparably low to the competition. To be honest, there is no competition when it comes to Aguadilla Aquatic Adventures; these guys are professionals. The three tours available include the Sunset Tour, the Snorkel Adventure Tour, and the Jet Ski Tour. All three are remarkable tours which provide fun and excitement for the whole family. The Sunset Tour is a great way to bring in the evening in Aguadilla. Ride out to the middle of the ocean on a beautiful boat just before sunset. There will be a cooler on board ready for whatever beverages one chooses to bring with them. A champagne toast is prepared for everyone on board as well. The best part of the tour is the vision of the sunset as it comes down over the horizon and begins to sink into the ocean. The entire trip is about two hours long and provides an intimate setting for guests to enjoy. The Snorkel Adventure offers an underwater look at Puerto Rico’s La “Puesta Del Sol” where for two and a half hours a group of fellow snorkelers will explore a number of different locations including the piers of Wilderness, Crash Boat, and other beaches. The Jet Ski Tour allows riders of high powered Jet Skis to soar over the water for two hours exploring the beauty of Puerto Rico’s waters. Come out for a great time and enjoy the open waters with Aguadilla Adventure Tours.

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January 11, 2011