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    Atlantic Station

    Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GeorgiaAtlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to spend some time shopping and hanging out. With tons to do in the form of entertainment there is never a dull moment at this culmination of great dining and drinking establishments. There is also a very strong presence of retail shopping and special events which bring in many people from all over. Atlantic Station is a community based on strong sustainable and elegant housing, retail, and entertainment facilities which cater to the contemporary styles of many individuals today. This community is a great place to live and work for local Atlantans and a great place to witness great shows, exciting nightlife locations and retail shopping for millions of people. Atlantic Station provides modern housing for approximately 10,000 people, jobs for around 30,000 and entertainment for 100 times as many people from all over the world! Cafés, parks, and other great recreational facilities and property lines this marvelous location and welcomes new comers every day. With brand name retailers including American Eagle, Dillard’s, Kay Jewelers, Regal Cinemas, Bath and Body Works, IKEA and a whole lot more anyone can enjoy shopping in this amazing community. Electronics, clothing, furniture, accessories, and even groceries can all be purchased within minutes of each other. Dining is exceptional at Atlantic Station with establishments including Bistro, California Pizza Kitchen, Cold Stone Creamery, Strip – Steak & Sushi, and many more making up an eclectic flavor palette. If one is looking to have an impression made on them through top shelf dining, shopping, and nightlife entertainment Atlantic Station is the best place to be in Atlanta. Minutes from everything and lacking absolutely nothing, Atlantic Station is an outstanding community for everyone to enjoy!

    Underground Atlanta

    Undergroound Atlanta shopping and nightlifeUnderground Atlanta located in the “original streets” of Atlanta is downtown Atlanta’s premier entertainment district with many dining, shopping, and entertainment options. This rich, historic area of Atlanta brings both locals and tourists to one centralized location where by day, shopping, dining, and interesting and highly educational history tours go on. When we say rich in history, that’s exactly what we mean. Underground Atlanta’s history tours span back to the times prior to the Civil War, circa the mid 1830’s to the early 1860’s. From there, the history tours mark the city’s involvement in the Civil War including trials and tribulations of Underground Atlanta. After that, the history tours document Atlanta’s rise from the destruction and crippling effects of the Civil War as the city began repairing itself to cater to its inhabitants and visitors. As the viaducts of Atlanta were built, the city would rise one level and give birth to the future Underground Atlanta, where old store fronts became storage for the city while everything else moved above. Without these changes, Underground Atlanta would not be what it is today. As restoration, totaling approximately $140 million, began the face and appeal of Underground Atlanta would change forever. Today, local and national retailers can be found from Athlete’s Foot to USA Boutique. Clothing, electronics, gifts and jewelers, service shops, and even candy companies can be found in Underground Atlanta. Shopping can also be done at Humbug Square Street Market where small vendors sell plenty of great merchandise. A multitude of clubs and bars teaming with an eclectic mix of music can be found including Subzero and Fuzion. Dining is right around the corner and includes some great flavors from all over the world including, Japanese, Italian, Greek, and American fare. Underground Atlanta is far from boring so come on down and experience the greatness!

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    Atlanta Botanical Garden

    Atlanta Botanical Garden in GeorgiaFor a relaxing afternoon or day in a large mass of lush gardens and exotic plant life, Atlanta Botanical Gardens is the place to be. With a highly impressive collection of plants and flowers the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s main goal is to keep a large, diverse collection of plants and flowers for the education and conservation of such beautiful botanicals. Visitors have come to admire the impressive collection of plants and flowers as well as artistic contributions from local artists since the early 1970’s and continue to come out today to admire the ever growing collection. Plants such as the Amazon Lily, the Japanese Camellia and Rice Paper Plants, Rosy Periwinkle and many other plant species are available on display at any given time. There are indoor and outdoor collections of plants and animals which make for a very extensive coverage of botanicals from all over the world including many native species of plants and animals. The indoor collections areas include The Lobby which is at the front of the Fuqua Conservatory. This conservatory serves as the welcome center of the facility with an ever changing face in botanical excellence. The Tropical Rotunda is an interesting portion of the facility that emulates a tropical rain forest. This amazing plant and animal display emulates the regions of tropical lands which occupy about ten percent of the Earth. With deforestation and other catastrophic occurrences at hand, this area of the Atlanta Botanical Garden is part of the conservation attempts covered here. The Desert House incorporates an amazing blend of plant life from Madagascar and South Africa. This is another facet of the Gardens which covers the conservation attempts due to ecological catastrophe in the plant’s native areas. There are several special exhibits which are captivation to visitors of the botanical gardens including a lot of the art which is displayed here. Thanks to several amazing artists, there is an extensive collection of works which show off the awe inspiring plant life of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. For a closer look, come on by to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

     Zoo Atlanta

    Zoo Atlanta - Atlanta, GeorgiaZoo Atlanta is Atlanta, Georgia’s oldest attraction having its birth in 1889 as a circus attraction that never left the fine city. An interesting array of animals were displayed at the zoo at that time including black bears, Mexican hogs, a hyena, a raccoon, camels, snakes, and other creatures but the zoo would grow into an even more amazing spectacle over time. Beginning in the mid to late 50’s, the zoo transformed from linear cages to natural simulations of the featured animal’s habitat. The thinking behind this shift was to accommodate the animals on display so that they interacted with each other in a more natural way and so that they were not “out of place” with their natural surroundings. In the 70’s, there would be a major effort geared toward the conservation and preservation of animal species. This would be accomplished by volunteers and other members of the community whose passions were for the animals. They realized that we as observers had so much to learn from these creatures in captivity. The zoo continued to grow through trials and tribulations in the 80’s which deemed the zoo “out dated” and in the early 90’s, the zoo made an impressive turn around to the its future state teaming with a multitude of amazing exhibits featuring creatures from all over the world including Africa and Asia primarily. The zoo would have a breath taking turn for the best when it incorporated exhibits for gorillas Kuchi and her twins, Kali and Kazi as well as the panda team Lun Lun and Yang Yang. These unforgettable faces in the zoo would warm the hearts of visitors for years to come. Today, visitors will find a multitude of animals including birds, many species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Together, these animal species make for an amazing and educational trip to the zoo. Make some time and spend the day with the animals at Atlanta’s oldest cultural attraction, Zoo Atlanta!

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January 11, 2011