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    Falcon Theater

    Falcon Theater in Burbank, CAThe Falcon Theater located in Burbank, CA is a remarkable little theater that seats 130 people. The Falcon Theater is located near a lot of major attractions in Burbank including Disney Studios, NBC, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. Some of the shows that have been presented at this lovely theater include performances like Death of a Salesman, Cobb, Fahrenheit 451, Save It for the Stage, Crimes of the Heart, Golf with Alan Shepard, and children’s performances such as Snow Queen, Cinderella, 3 Little Pigs, Snow White, The Root Beer Bandits, and many more. The theater opened its doors in November of 1997 and has been operating since then. So much emerging talent has come through the Falcon Theater and continues to do so to this very day. The theater’s founder, Garry Marshall, has had an astonishing love for theater and the arts for quite some time. He is a Writer/Director/Producer who directs movies when he is not playing softball. The point of the theater was to exploit his love for theater and the performing arts as well as to get people of the same caliber together to exploit these loves together to create amazing performances that will captivate audiences who love the stories they are watching unfold right in front of them. Whether someone is into comedy or drama the Falcon Theater is the place to be for an interesting show after a wonderful dinner at one of many fine restaurants in the area including Arde’s Bistro, Arnie Morton’s the Steakhouse, Bistro Provence, Bob’s Big Boy, Don Cuco’s and many more locations. There is a flavor for just about everyone from food to entertainment so get dressed up and ready for a night out at the Falcon Theater.

    The Tallyrand Restaurant

    The Tallyrand Restaurant in Burbank, CaliforniaThe Tallyrand Restaurant began as a coffee shop on Olive Avenue back in 1959. Al and Delores Thomas started the restaurant with only $5,000 and a vision of a great product and quality service. From absolutely fresh ingredients to amazing recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees that will put a food lover in heaven. Everything is prepared and made to order including fresh batter for the buttermilk pancakes, coffee by the cup ground fresh per order. Even the chuck meat is ground fresh for the burgers and steaks are cut fresh as well. The quality of the product contributes to the experience and an amazing experience is had when eating at the Tallyrand. For breakfast, Tallyrand serves the freshest muffins made daily, cinnamon and pecan rolls, some of the most amazing omelettes, breakfast burritos, and breakfast combos including some of the best French toast, pancakes, and some of the freshest fruit handpicked by the chef himself. In the mood for a little appetizer? Try Tallyrand’s famous garlic bread or their Beer Battered Zucchini Sticks or Onion Rings. Tallyrand also serves some of the most amazing sandwiches in the area including their Giant Reuben, Turkey or French Dip sandwiches, the Fresh Chicken Clubhouse, or even the Popular Turkey Melt. There are so many sandwiches in the Tallyrand arsenal it’ll make an indecisive person’s head spin. With some of the finest cuts of beef and the freshest seafood on the menu the Tallyrand is the place to go for an amazing meal any time of the day. New additions are being made to the menu every day including their Famous Fried Chicken, Blackened Salmon Salad. When in the area, make sure to stop in at Tallyrands and get some of the best food in town. No matter what the craving, Tallyrand is the place to be for great food, atmosphere, and quality service!

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    NBC Studio Tour

    NBC Studio Tour in Burbank, CaliforniaFor those who love NBC programming including Saturday Night Live, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, and the Dr. Oz Show to name a few there is the NBC Studio Behind the Scenes Tour. This tour takes fans of show business behind the scenes to see the sights where all the television magic happens. This tour brings the show biz to the fans step by step and include stops in the Sharp Globe Theater, the Make-Up Room and Broadcast Operations just to name a few. The behind the scenes tour began operation in 1933 giving generation after generation the ability to partake in such a memorable experience. For those who love being behind the camera or on the technical end of it anyway, this tour is the perfect attraction to partake in. This highly educational experience combines the magic of television with the technical aspects which help make the magic happen. The NBC Studio Tour not only offers the first hand experience of being behind the scenes but also offers special events like holiday events and celebrity signings. Tour prices are extremely reasonable and do not exceed $20 per adult. The tour duration is about an hour and ten minutes long and is pretty extensive. NBC Studio in Burbank, CA is where Johnny Carson and Jay Leno taped their shows, “The Tonight Show”, and is where Bob Hope hosted his annual special fund raiser. There is so much history behind this studio and it is all readily available to the fans of one of American television’s largest networks. Remember this tour for ever and have a great time exploring the history of television on this amazing tour. This tour is an experience in itself and must be visited when in Burbank, CA.

     Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour

    Alaska Floatplane Tours in Ketchikan, AlaskaPlanning on visiting Burbank, California? Well look no further than the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour to provide an excellent amount of entertainment for the family! Imagine taking a tour of the actual areas the studio used to film some of your favorite movies. That would be something to write home about, wouldn’t it? The VIP Studio Tour at Warner Bros. Studios is absolutely one of the most exciting things to do in Burbank, California. As guests of the studio, have the privilege of riding around in groups of 12 on electric vehicles which will go from soundstage to soundstage, actual movies sets, and even craft shops where everything gets created by the professionals behind the scenes. There are so many things to see at Warner Bros studios including amazing movie props, sets where all the action happens, the technical rooms and production booths where all the behind the scenes magic happens, and even where the actors and crew get their food. Located onsite is a great café and restaurant where guests of the VIP tour get to hang out and grab a bite. The studio currently has a little museum set up honoring their 50 year anniversary in which they have been running one of the best film studios to date. The museum is full of old props, costumes, and personal effects donated by the stars who used them. So much passion and love has gone into the movies that have been created at Warner Bros. that it is so very evident to guests of Warner Bros. Find magic in the movies, and experience the majesty of the studio first hand. Guests who choose the Deluxe Tour will receive a ridiculous amount attention in the form of a more in depth tour. Instead of just visiting the soundstage or the craft shops, guest of the Deluxe will be admitted entrance, to them as well as have an opportunity to ask questions and actually speak to the artists and set professionals on what they are actually up to. This tour is an amazing experience for any aspiring television or movie actor or actress.

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January 11, 2011