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    Zero Gravity

    Zero Gravity Extreme Amusement Park in Dallas, TexasAt Zero Gravity in Dallas, Texas visitors will notice a lot of high flying adventure. This is because Zero Gravity specializes in high flying adventures that send riders on an adventure like they have never been on before. They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, and Zero Gravity is no exception. The attractions at Zero Gravity are above and beyond anything anywhere else. Zero Gravity features five of the most insane, high flying attractions held anywhere in the country including bungee jumping platforms, a swing that will put the rider’s stomach at their feet, a slingshot ride like no other, a ride that spins over and over exerting 4G’s on the riders, and the crème de la crème, the free fall adventure of a life time sending riders on a quick 130 foot free fall! With rides like this, one would think, “how on Earth are these guys still operating? With rides like this, there’s bound to be injuries and even deaths…”, WRONG! Zero Gravity is equipped with not only the best stunt grade equipment, they also hire some of the most qualified professionals working to make sure equipment constantly meets safety standards as well as rider safety. Zero Gravity is proud to announce a perfect safety record on all their rides, absolutely flawless! The five rides included in Zero Gravity’s arsenal of awesome include Bungee Jump which features a 7 story drop to a quick spring back and then a refreshing dangle till the ride is over. Another great ride is the Skycoaster which lifts guests up on a 100 ft swing and lets them soar through the air at amazing speeds. The Texas Blastoff is an extreme slingshot ride which launches riders straight up at over 70 MPH. The Skscraper is a giant rotating ride that sends riders spinning around at around 4G’s, which is really fast! The most extreme experience at Zero Gravity is definitely Nothin’ But Net which sets riders dangling over a double enforced stunt grade safety net and drops individuals 16 stories down to the net. Free falling has never been this extreme anywhere!

    Dallas Zoo

    Dallas Zoo in Dallas, TexasFor an amazing day with the family come out and visit the Dallas Zoo and Aquarium featuring some of the most interesting and exotic animals from all over the world. With such an extensive collection of animals, Dallas Zoo is one of the top zoos in the country with a great display of animals from all over the world. The zoos main goals emulate those of other great facilities of comparable nature. They strive to be leaders of entertainment, education, and even more importantly wild life conservation. Their state of the art facilities for the animals include immaculate, up to date domicile quarters for the animals, clinic areas to treat the animals, and great spaces to store food and other necessities for the animals. Their means of education of the animals and their habitats leads the zoo to create marvelous presentations which allow the visitor to engage in the experience fully by emulating the living conditions of the animals on exhibit. This also allows for the education of not only the animals but about the animal’s environment. Worked into the display are details about the animals, their habitats, and what can be done to prolong the lives and conserve the homes of these amazing creatures. The Dallas Zoo features three different areas including Wilds of Africa, ZooNorth, and the Children’s Zoo. In the Wilds of Africa area, guests can hop on a four wheel drive vehicle and trek through the savanna admiring all the animals of Africa including mountain, woodland, desert, and river faring creatures. There is also a chimpanzee forest, gorilla trail, and penguin cove available in this area for those specific animals. ZooNorth features animals from Australia like kangaroos and wallabies, different types of birds, tigers, otters, a reptile building, rhinos, camels, and even a food court. The Children’s Zoo is a great place for the little ones and features ponies, an underground animal building for rodents, a farm, and the Discovery House where children can indulge in great crafts and activities to learn about the animals. There is so much to discover at the Dallas Zoo and Aquarium so come on out for a fun filled day!

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    The Sixth Floor Museum

    The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, TexasOn November 22, 1963, a motorcade holding the late President of the United States John F. Kennedy rode into Dealey Plaza where the President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was supposedly pent up in the Texas School Book Depository on the 6th floor where he fired from to assassinate the late President. This event sent millions of people into a frenzy which struck down the morale of the people who loved him dearly. There is a lot of speculation towards a conspiracy theory which states that there was more than one shooter or that maybe our own government had something to do with the assassination. Today the old book depository’s sixth floor makes for a great tribute to the late president and is opened to the public as the Sixth Floor Museum. There was plenty of “evidence” found on the sixth floor placing the gunman on this very floor. There is plenty to see here on the sixth floor about the times of the assassination including what the country was like at that time, what the issues were, and the aftermath of the whole incident. The museum hosts a plethora of information on the event including over 400 images, about an hour of documentary footage, artifacts from the scene which tell an interesting story of how one of the nation’s greatest leaders was killed in front of his love and in front of millions of people who adored him. Even after the assassination, Kennedy’s hopes and goals lived on in the people of this country well into the future. This museum not only brings forth the story of Kennedy’s assassination, it also outlines his contributions and victories throughout his presidency. Find an amazing amount of information and interesting collections of history that help in the education of the times of Kennedy’s life, the impact of his death, and the times afterward in this amazing museum in Dallas, Texas.

     The Shoppes at Brown Stone Village

    The Shoppes at Brown Stone Village in Dallas, TexasShopping in Dallas doesn’t get any better that this. Imagine a place where one could purchase the finest in home fashions, clothing, perfect items for the children and little ones, and even random items for around the home as well as food items and tasty treats al in a chic facility that was as gorgeous as the items on sale. This place would definitely need a salon to pamper those tired feet and bodies after walking around for hours and hours shopping for the greatest items in retail for some pretty great deals. This facility would also have a great bar and grille where the ladies could all grab a table and talk about the great items they purchased while snaking down on some tasty food, maybe even just taking a break before doing a lot more walking and plenty more shopping. There is such a place and it welcomes all the ladies who enjoy great boutique shopping to come on in and get down to business, the spending money business! The Shoppes at Brown Stone Village welcome shoppers of all sorts to come around and admire the quaint boutique shops featuring little things for the kids, little things for her, and even BIG things for her. Guests of The Shoppes at Brown Stone Village will find a great spa and salon to get all done up before taking care of the shopping itch, which can be fixed around the corner in one of many boutiques. The Salon features the best in Nail Technicians, Skin Care Specialists, Massage Therapists, and even Hair Designers to tie all the finishing touches to a great outfit for a well done, prim and proper feel. After spending all that time walking around shopping, take a load off at El Gabacho!, a Mexican restaurant featuring tons of great margaritas and other drinks as well as excellent Mexican fare. There has also been a sweets bar added to The Shoppes arsenal of establishments. Come out and see the great boutiques wait to be explored by the boutique shoppers of the world!

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January 11, 2011