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    Cherry Creek North

    Cherry Creek North in Denver, ColoradoCherry Creek North (or CCN) began as a small town of about 500 people named Harman, Colorado. The town, growing in size was from its original 320 acre barely populated area, was eventually annexed into Denver. From there, business proprietors began investing time and money into the area now known as CCN. The businesses making their homes here ranged from retail to dining, and still do today. CCN, located conveniently close to Downtown Denver and offers guests a whopping 350 or more retail stores, service shops, and dining establishments for pure entertainment needs. Local and national names in retail appear in Cherry Creek North. Some of these retail locations include A Pea in the Pod, AT&T Wireless, Bang & Olufsen, Hot Heads Salon, Men’s Wearhouse, and many more as well as plenty of Cherry Creek special service and retail stores. Dining options at Cherry Creek North include everything from fast food eateries to high end dining options. Dining and beverage establishments are broken up into three categories including dining, beer and wine, and bars and clubs. Some dining options include Continental Deli, Crepes and Crepes, Cherry Creek Grill, and plenty more including Starbucks and even Burger King. There is an extensive list of special events including special concerts on property and even special sales displayed on the Cherry Creek North website. With so much to see and so many places to shop at Cherry Creek North, there is really many days which could be spent here. Take the wife or girlfriend out to CCN to find some great gifts for the home or a great outfit for a night out on the town. Grab a quick bite to eat or maybe some beverages before a big night and do it all in one spot, at Cherry Creek North in Denver, Colorado.

    Elitch Gardens

    Elitch Gardens amusment park in DenverImagine an amazing place where the whole family can go to have a great time in Colorado, no matter what age! This place would be teaming with lights, rides, games, and just plain old fun and excitement. There is such a theme/amusement park available in Denver, Colorado and it is called Elitch Gardens. The rides available for everyone at Elitch Gardens not only include thrill rides and roller coasters but also include family rides, kid’s rides, and even water rides. Some featured thrill rides at Elitch include the “Mind Eraser”, a monster roller coaster, and the Halfpipe, a giant snowboard which goes back and forth between two sky high points at neck breaking speeds. Some featured family rides include the Tea Cups and Ghostblasters, an interactive haunted house where guests can blast the oncoming ghosts instead of just being scared by them. Other amazing attractions at Elitch Gardens include shows, concerts, and special events which are also fun for the whole family. The Elitch Gardens concert series features tons of great acts which entertain the crowds throughout the year. Now, what happens when the heat strikes around Summer time? Is there a great place for the family to go to cool down while enjoying the beautiful day? The answer is yes, and it’s right next door at Elitch Gardens’ water park featuring an amazing array of waterslides to help the whole family cool down this summer. Island Kingdom Water Park is the best place to spend the hot summer day with plenty of great rides and attractions for the whole family including a wave pool, high speed freefall slides, a giant tree house featuring over 150 water-shooting gadgets to keep the children entertained for hours and a lazy river. This set of amusement parks is a great place for everyone to have a great time, so come on over and start having some fun!

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    Black American West Museum

    The Black American West Museum of Denver, ColoradoIt is a fact, although unsure of how “well known” it may be, that one out of every three American cowboys was black. They had a major part in the spread and development of the West as well as in the growth and development of the country in the wars with their part in the Buffalo Soldiers. There is so much to learn about African Americans in the West throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They held positions as homesteaders, ranchers, blacksmiths, miners, schoolteachers, and even lawmen in the days of the development of the West and even settled Dearfield, Colorado, an all black pioneer town including about 500 residents. The history of Dearfield is hosted in the Homestead exhibit of the Black American West Museum. Other sections of the museum include the Cowboy Exhibit and the Military Exhibit. There are plenty of items from that era including clothing, tools, and other personal artifacts dedicated to the preservation of the memory of these brave individuals who to no limitations of the color of their skin, moved forward in time aiding in the future development of the West through their hard work and immense vision. The museum is located in the private residence of the late Dr. Justina Ford, Colorado’s first black female doctor. The museum is packed with entertaining and educational exhibits, movies, and all the reading material on the subject one could muster. The Black American West Museum is a great place to take the cowboy lovers in the family for some highly interesting, educational entertainment. Guests of the museum could help themselves to a showing of a movie after visiting all of the exhibits featuring Herbert Jeffries, a famous singing black cowboy made famous by his appearance in Western movies. Make your way to the Black American West Museum for a great time!

     Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave

    Grave site and museum of the legendary Buffalo BillThere are plenty of sights to see in Denver, Colorado. One of the most interesting and well known attractions of the Mile High City has got to be Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave located on the side of Lookout Mountain. With its amazing views of the plains, the mountain sides, and the lush forest surrounding the area Buffalo Bill’s grave is one of the most beautiful vantage points of this countryside. Witness a piece of American history in this wonderful little museum featuring the history of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody through the years of his existence serving as not only a scout during the Indian Wars but also as an advocate for the equality of his past foes, the Native Americans. There is a nice array of historical items from Bill’s life featuring items he actually owned. Peppered among these interesting items are advertisements, posters, and other media which were used to promote his work as an entertainer during his Wild West Expositions. Buffalo Bill was an amazing performer who pulled out all the stops when it came to entertaining the people. Being a very charismatic and electrifying individual made his exploits seem that much grander on stage as a performer as well as in his actual life. This status helped the growth of Buffalo Bill’s legend throughout history. Aside from the Buffalo Bill story, his time as a performer, his time with the “Americans” (natives), and his death bed, there is also a pretty extensive collection of firearms and weaponry used by Buffalo Bill and the other Wild Westerners as well as weaponry from the Native American side. This museum has a lot to see and hit’s people with a deep rooted appreciation for the Wild West cowboys and Indians genre.

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January 11, 2011