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    American Merchant Marine Museum

    American Merchant Marine Museum on Long Island, New YorkThe American Merchant Marine Museum is located on the property of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy on Long Island. The academy is set up to train future merchant marines the lifestyle behind living on a ship for the purposes of maintaining, operating, and servicing these majestic vessels which are quite often overlooked or under rated in their roles in providing the people of the United States with goods and materials for everyday life. The museum is brought to guests who appreciate the rich history of the Merchant Marines and their accomplishments and their importance in providing consumers with their products. Its main focus and goal is to provide people with a well balanced education of what the merchant marines do and did in the past, to preserve the honor and respect of these unsung heroes. The museum is also a center where equipment and items of the merchant marine past can be displayed to the public. The museum holds an interesting collection of items from old vessels that are no longer in service, including the steering wheel for the USS Constitution as well as massive scale models of many different vessels, decommissioned and in service. Another interesting item located in the museum is the Japanese surrender sword from World War II. Also displayed is a memorial to the 142 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy cadets that died in the war during their honorable service to our country, which makes the advent of having the Japanese surrender sword highly honorable. There is a special area on premises that is dedicated to the history of naval and maritime engineering. This important engineering has aided in the rapid development of the vessels which patrol or coasts as well as operate these phenomenal cargo and transport vessels. Come out for a visit to the American Merchant Marine Museum on Long Island!

    Bayville Adventure Park

    Bayville Adventure Park on Long Island, New YorkBayville Adventure Park has to be one of the most fun places to play on Long Island. This amazing Mecca of entertainment is jam packed with fun and exciting attractions for the entire family including miniature golf, an exciting ropes course, bumper boats, rock climbing, fun and adventurous slides, the Mystery Funhouse, an electrifying arcade, and a great café and gift shop as well as many other fun attractions. Set sail to uncharted waters for a treasure hunt like no other in the Lost Treasure of Captain Blackheart Bay Adventure Miniature Golf. The course is littered with pirate ghosts and ghouls as well as exciting putting courses with all kinds of surprises. The course is fashioned after the exciting adventures of Captain Bartholomew Bay who was one of the most feared pirate captains of the 18th century. He was labeled “Blackheart” after tales of his torturous manners of dealing with his sailors and enemies arose. Also on the property is Bradley Bay’s Rock Climbing Challenge which was the training wall for Bradley Bay. Bradley was a lot of thing in life including an author, lawyer, and the first mayor of Bayville. He loved conquering mountains all over the world, including Mount Everest. He trained on this very wall to overcome some of the most difficult climbs of his life. Now guests can do the same on the very same wall! In the Jungle Tree Top Adventure, guests will climb, swing, and navigate through an amazing ropes course which includes plenty of thrill moments. This course is a definite test of skill, strength, stamina, and agility. With plenty of other attractions and activities to partake in, guests can spend an adventurous day in an amazing fun zone. Spend the day with the family at Bayville Adventure Park, one of Long Island’s greatest adventures!

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    Atlantis Marine World

    Atlantis Marine World on Long IslandAtlantis Marine World on Long Island is an amazing place where inquiring minds can go to learn about all of the amazing creatures of the ocean. There are indoor exhibits, outdoor exhibits, and interactive experiences at Atlantis for everyone to enjoy. Not only will visitors find fish, reptiles, and amphibians at Atlantis, they will also find the Amazon Aviary which features the amazing tropical birds of the Amazing Rainforest. Guests will find parrots and other aviary species found in the Amazon which light up the skies and tree tops with wonderful colors and sounds. The Amazon Rainforest, Atlantis’ most popular attraction, brings guests in contact with amazing species that make their homes in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. These beautiful specimens of plant, sea, and animal life make up an amazing ecosystem which depends on a simple yet highly complex balance of life. Other notable indoor Atlantis exhibits include the Clownfish and Anemone, the Coral Reef, the Electric Eel, the Giant Pacific Octopus, and Local Rocky Shores featuring macroalgae and kelp as well as a number of local fish and sea life which reside in the area. The main attraction of all the indoor exhibits has to be the Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit which features an attractive display of a ruined Atlantis including Poseidon’s trident which sits about 12 feet long as well as pillars and other stone building facades. It is I this 120,000 gallon tank where the tiger and nurse sharks, moray eels, Queesland groupers, and loggerhead sea turtles swim. There are plenty of other indoor exhibits, actually too many to list, that make up the exciting world of Atlantis Marine World and those must be seen up close and personal to appreciate! Some notable outdoor exhibits include the Ancient Reptile Ruins, Koi Pond, Penguin Pavilion, Shark Reef Lagoon, and of course the Lost Temple of Atlantis. Come and enjoy Atlantis Marine World and let the ocean’s greatest creatures grace your presence.


    Adventureland on Long IslandAdventureland is Long Islands top entertainment adventure attraction featuring tons of rides, games, and special events which are fun for the whole family. At Adventureland guests will find all sorts of rides including thrill rides, kids and family rides, kiddie rides, and water rides. Some thrill rides include the Hurricane Coaster, Pirate Ship, Silver’s Twister, Frisbee, Bumper Cars, Music Express, and the Ghost House. Hurricane Coaster is the grand daddy of thrill rides at Adventureland that travels at speeds of 35 miles per hour down steep drops and hairpin turns. Kids and Family rides at Adventureland include Antique Cars, Free Whale, the Ferris Wheel, Balloon Tower, the Merry-Go-Round, the Train, Lady Bug Coaster, Wave Swing, and the Glass House. The Free Whale is a mini version of the Pirate Ship thrill ride that loads up with passengers and swings back and forth stopping nearly vertical on either side before swinging back down to the other side. The Kiddie rides at Adventureland include Spinning Cars, Tour de Paris, Flying Puppies, Drop N Twist Tower, Helicopter, Kiddie Carousel, Viking Voyage, Caterpillar, Super Raider, and the Kiddie Swings. All of the Kiddie rides, most of the Family rides, and a bunch of the Thrill rides emulate the favorites of local state fairs and carnivals all over the country. There are also flume and water rides including Adventure Falls, Crocodile Run, and the Little Dipper which is a smaller version of adventure Falls. Adventure Falls has been entertaining locals and visitors from all over since 1962 and continues to do so through the years. Have a great time at Long Island’s greatest adventure, Adventureland Park on Long Island, New York.

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January 11, 2011