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    Museum of Science and Technology

    Museum of Science and Technology in Manchester, EnglandThe Museum of Science and Technology in Manchester, England is one of the greatest museums in the country with goals in motivating people to learn about the ground breaking developments in science, technology contributed by the region. The interest in these developments is goaled to influence individuals to achieve beyond what they could ever imagine by showing the timeline from idea inception to the progress it has contributed to. Great names in science, technology, and industry are a part of the collections and exhibits on display at the Museum of Science and Technology in Manchester. The collections and exhibits are categorized into six themed areas. These areas include Science & Technology, Industry & Innovation, Energy, Transport, People, and Communications. In the Science & Development area, guests are introduced to at least two centuries of scientific discoveries and technological advances which have grown exponentially over that period of time. There are displays of calculating and computing devices, scientific instruments including microscopes and other devices, and other exhibits on important scientific research. In its Industry & Innovation area, discover advances and their origins in the fields of machine tools, from its beginnings in the Victorian age, the textile industry like cotton and other materials, and even paper making which would benefit the nation in their printing and distribution of the news. Experience the innovations that occurred in the energy sector including the fields of water power, coal mining, steam and internal combustion engines, gas power and eventually electricity. In the Transport area, see all of the innovations which occurred in road, rail, and air transportation thanks to innovative thinkers in England. Also available in the museum are interesting exhibits on people including local history, water supply and sanitation advances, and even the intention of certain household appliances which made life easier. To finish off the list of themed areas in the museum Communications delves into the advances made in communications from the telegraph to phones, to radios, and even computers and internet. Discover the amazing leaps in science and industry achieved over time at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England.

    Manchester Art Gallery

    Manchester Art GalleryThe Manchester Art Gallery provides an amazing experience in art with pieces dating back to several centuries ago. The Manchester Art Gallery is included in the Manchester City Galleries which also includes the Gallery of Costume, Heaton Hall, and Wythenshawe Hall. All of these great facilities offer inspiring works of art throughout the city and all offer a great time in the form of art education and appreciation. The Manchester Art Gallery hosts over 400,000 people per year and offers an amazing collection of works from a variety of artists all over the world. It’s prevalent collections are of renowned British painters including the likes of Valette and Pre-Raphaelite works from a variety of creators. The museum doesn’t just look back in the distant history for collections of works; it also keeps some incredible works from contemporary artists, photographers, designers, and decorative artists which utilize completely different mediums to create these fine pieces of work developed for the admiration of everyone. Bring the family out to the Manchester Art Gallery because there are also family friendly exhibitions which utilize tours and other semi-interactive means to convey theses fine works to a range of visitors of a variety of ages. The permanent galleries are divided into two galleries including historic and modern galleries. The historic galleries include breakdowns including paintings and artifacts from the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries, the Pre-Raphaelite era, and the Victorian era. These old works are an amazing contribution to the history of art and are a staple in the continuance of education in art and digital media no matter what college one attends. The modern galleries do not take up as much space as the historic content but it does include some interesting works of Modern and Contemporary art as well as works from Manchester Impressionist Adolphe Valette and photography and works by the likes of Liam Spencer and LS Lowry. Spend the day admiring some of the finest works by notable artists at the Manchester Art Gallery.

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    Triangle Shopping Centre

    Triangle Shopping Centre in ManchesterThe Triangle Shopping Centre wasn’t always the contemporary shopping facility that it is today. The facility started off as the Corn Exchange Building of the late 1800’s. This area, with its rich ports and access to the waterways, became a big trade area for food items and materials, most of which included corn and cotton. Aside from these items, many others would be traded, dealt, and produced into fine items which dealers worked widely in dealing. This caused a major boom in the area for the development and sale of agricultural items including food and clothing materials. For a long time, the prime shipping location and the need for vendors and dealers made this a prime location for a boom in production and wholesale. Decades later, the plaza became a covered market hall and a prime hangout location for students which had demanded a market in “alternative” items including vegetarian items, “New Age” and shops for palm and tarot readers, aromatherapy, and other interesting markets. Today, the Triangle Shopping Centre is an amazing place to spend the day in Manchester. There is definitely one of everything there and a little something for everyone. This magnificent shopping mecca includes stores and boutique shops for items including fashion, homewares, health and beauty, sports and outdoor wear, lingerie, and jewelry as well as accessories. Shoppers will find brand names that no one else carries which creates a specialty market for individuals looking for something new and fresh. Food and drink are also available to break up the monotony of standard shopping and make for great little areas to relax and take a break. Find all kinds of great items for just about any room of the house and find some great clothing and accessories all in the same place. Spend the day shopping in one of the hottest centers in Manchester, Triangle Shopping Centre.

     Manchester Walk Talk Tours

    Manchester, England Walk Talk ToursRemember the days of taking a guided tour through an unknown city? One would have to get to the tour site on a specific time frame, stick with a group, and navigate around to areas of high interest, but maybe not to a specific person’s liking. On top of that, if something was missed, one would have to either abandon the tour or miss the attraction to keep up with the rest of the pack. This proves to be an annoyance more so than anything and can cause a lot of stress when the lack of stress is why someone would go on vacation and tours of cities for that matter. There is a new way to take tours through the finest cities in the world, especially in England cities like York, London, Edinburgh, Chester, and of course Manchester. They are called Walk Talk Tours and they are brought to guest of England in a state of the art way. All one needs to do is visit the website, download the necessary audio files, import them into their iPod, iPhone, or any other device, download and print their tour route maps and other informative items, and there it is, a custom tour that can be taken at ones leisure throughout a day if need be. There is no rush, just a bunch of great sites with one’s very own tour guide at their finger tips. The Manchester tour is an exceptional tour which takes visitors around the streets of Manchester to some amazing locations including the Town Hall, the Central Library, the meeting place of the two individuals who began Rolls Royce, Bridgewater Hall, Deansgate Locks, the Museum of Science & Industry, St Ann’s Square, the Royal Exchange Theatre and many other spots in this beautiful city. The audio commentary paints a very detailed picture of these fine landmarks and describes the history behind them as well as what role they play in the city’s history and culture. The tour takes about 2 hours or more to navigate through and includes a route map and about 45 minutes of commentary about the different places on the tour. This is a great way to see the city without having to commit to it all so come on out and take the tour today!

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January 11, 2011