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    Teotihuacan in Mexico CityKnown as “the city of the gods”, Teotihuacan was at one point one of the most important cities to the Aztecs. This miraculous city is by far one of the most amazing city sites of the ancient Aztecs. The Calle de los Muertos, or the Street of the Dead, is lined with platforms, temples and two of the greatest pyramids to the Aztecs. The tallest pyramid in Teotihuacan is the Temple of the Sun which happens to be the third tallest pyramid in the world. The second tallest temple or pyramid at Teotihuacan is the Temple of the Moon. The temple is shorter than the Temple of the Sun but it features larger steps than that of the Temple of the Sun. At either one of the temples visitors could find a great deal of well preserved murals and carvings which depict the various ceremonies that occurred as part of daily rituals which the Aztecs felt moved the world and aided in the betterment of farming and other facets of life. These rituals were of great importance to the Aztecs and usually included sacrificial rituals which cost the lives of many Aztecs and native villagers outside of the major cities, but were important in the communications with the gods. These sacrifices were obviously in vane because we know today that bloodshed does not feed a god’s needs so they will relinquish the fertility of lands or even allow it to rain so crops could grow. When visiting Teotihuacan, there is plenty of ground to cover. Walking, climbing, and gazing are the main things to do here and there is plenty of all of it. A great pair of walking shoes, a sun hat, a bottle of water, and a good camera are ideal items for a trip to this majestic site. Also notable of this site is the altitude where Teotihuacan is located. The altitude here makes the climbing and walking a bit more strenuous than anywhere else. There is also a museum on site which houses a scale model of the city at the height of its power. There are also artifacts housed there which depict the daily lives of the people who made this city function.


    Xochimilco in Mexico CityThe Xochimilco’s floating gardens are an amazing place where people from all over come to experience a rich cultural experience in one of the Aztec’s most intriguing forms of farming and cultivation. It is no surprise that the Aztecs were a highly resourceful people who truly understood their lands and the environment. Although they had interesting views on the way humans interacted with the gods trough the use of sacrifice and ritual, they were amazing hunter gatherers who’s farming capabilities were by far the most resourceful and sustainable, until their collapse due to over population and over farming. Their manners of farming were constantly evolving due to their increasing need, and for the most part they kept up with the demands. Before the Spanish arrived in Mexico there was a large lake called Lago Texcoco. From the lake the Aztecs dug large canals and either placed the mud from the canals on mainland surrounding the lake or on floating reeds which were anchored in place. The mud which was stacked on top of the reeds was used to prepare seed beds which then turned to rich gardens. These were the best ways to produce rich crops of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Today beautifully painted trajineras, similar to gondolas, float down the still navigable canals past these floating islands covered in beautiful plants and vegetation. Visitors from all over the world come to admire this serene place set within the metropolis which is Mexico City. The trajineras were covered in beautiful flowers at one point but due to costs and the ever increasing pace of modern society, paint is now used to decorate the boats. Flowers of all sorts of colors are painted on the boats to depict a story like atmosphere where people can come and enjoy life and their surroundings. Picnics are very popular on the banks of the canals in the parks around as well as within the gardens. At night, the youth come out to enjoy the gardens with loud music and dancing. They usually sail the canals on large pontoon boats which hold stereos, coolers with their beverages, and lots of good times. Come and enjoy the beauty, fun, and excitement of Xochimilco’s floating gardens and get involved in a rich part of Aztec history.

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    Chapultepec Park

    Chapultepec Park in Mexico CityChapultepec Park is one of the most notable locations to visit when in Mexico City. It is home to some very interesting history as well as a plethora of intriguing sites which make for a great day out exploring the city rich in culture and mysticism. The park is a very attractive location that is surrounded by a lush forest. Within the forest is one of the crowning jewels of the park, Chapultepec Castle. The land mass known as Chapultepec Hill on which the castle sits was a sacred place for the Aztecs. After colonization by the Spaniards began after the 1700’s a great home was built on top of this summit. The home was built for Viceroy Bernardo de Galvez. The country home for Galvez has become one of many different facilities in its time including a Presidential home, a military academy, an imperial residence, and even an observatory. Also present in Chapultepec Park are a number of other attractions including museums of different types, an amusement park, a zoo, auditoriums and amphitheaters for music performance, and botanical gardens. There are also several major hotels around the park which make getting to it and enjoying every last inch of it easier to do if sticking around town for a couple of days. There are paths and mini roadways that weave in and around the park getting guests from point A to point B no matter where they are on the property. There is so much to see at Chapultepec Park including the variety of historical buildings as well as museums for a number of different subjects. There are eight museums of the premises of the park. There are four historical museums, a children’s museum, a technology museum, a museum of art and an anthropology museum on the property with plenty of great exhibits in each. Give the Chapultepec Park a go when in Mexico City and have a phenomenal time in one of the most beautiful parks in the country of Mexico.

     The Zocalo

    The Zocalo in Mexico CityThe Zocalo is the once center of the Aztec’s worlds. It is a place where people came together at one point to trade and sell their goods. Today, there are still merchants who sell their goods in this historical site in Mexico City. There are also cafés present up and down the main strip near Zocalo. Enjoy the sites of the Zocalo and sit around for a great cup of coffee or a delicious treat to snack on while gazing at the amazing sights in the plaza that lead so many Aztecs into trade markets and even to the tops of sacrificial altars. It is also the place where the sacrifices to the gods would be offered in blood. The Aztecs would be dressed in their ceremonial dress dancing to the beats of the drums with the rattle of anklets and bracelets made of shells and other rattling items. Coming out to Zocalo is definitely a must see attraction in Mexico City. There is plenty of history to learn about in this area and the beauty of the Zocalo is that there is a great collection of different artifacts from many ages of history in the area. The artifacts and reproductions of historical artifacts are available for viewing pleasure of guests and can be found in an adjacent museum. A great cathedral is present in the plaza and depicts the origin of the Spanish influence in the area. The cathedral is highly decorated with notable stained glass windows, and other forms of European art. This amazing square was at one point the mecca for the Aztec to worship and make sense of what caused a drought (including the number of people needed to be sacrificed). The Aztecs were highly religious and very ceremonial and it shows in their pre-Spanish temples, and collages of painted and carved elements. Take a trip out to the Zocalo in Mexico City and have a phenomenal time with the special individuals on that special getaway.

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January 13, 2011