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    South Beach

    South Beach in Miami, FlordiaSouth Beach is the place to be for fun in the sun, or kicking up the heat in the clubs at night. For fine dining and a great party scene with some of the most beautiful people on the planet, Miami is the place to be for sure. Stay in a lavish art deco hotel right across the street from South Beach and make this tropical paradise your home for a week or even longer. There is so much to do and see here it is totally unbelievable. The dining is absolutely amazing! There are so many nice restaurants on South Beach with a number of different flavors one will be left in disbelief when walking around South Beach. Some of the luxury 5 and 4 Star hotels of South Beach include The Setai, Mandarin Oriental Miami, Acqualina Resort and Spa, The Tides, Sagamore, Raleigh, Z Ocean Hotel, The Palms, Shore Club, Mondrian Miami, and The Hilton Bentley. These amazingly decorated hotels and resorts allow the imagination to run wild. Anything one could imagine to be in a hotel probably exists in South Beach. After settling into one of these lavish hotels, the only thing left to do is party on the beach, soak up the sun, and come back to the hotel to get cleaned up for an evening of dining, drinks, and dancing in one of many popular hot spots on South Beach. While there is still daylight, hit up South Beach for some amazing shopping at one of many boutiques. There is a large amount of dining options in South Beach, each with a unique flare and flavor. Try some fresh seafood at A Fish Called Avalon or Akairo Sushi & Lounge. Grab some pizza and Italian food at Bambina’s or Au Natural Gourmet Pizza, or try the Bayview Café At Costa Brava for a fresh meal with an amazing atmosphere. Top the night off with some dancing and drinks at one of South Beach’s hottest clubs like b.e.d, Space, or Klutch as well as many other clubs.

    Monkey Jungle

    Tons of fun at Monkey Jungle in MiamiAt Monkey Jungle in Miami, the monkeys and other primates run wild and the humans are caged! It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. In all actuality, the primates of the park are confined to massive areas where they can play and stay safe but the visitors of the park are actually encased in caged walkways so the primates cannot touch or be touched. Here, in this facility, these amazing mammals are let free to interact with one another like never before seen. The nearly 30 acres of land which create a giant preserve for these amazing primates was the doing of Joseph DuMond in 1933. As an animal behaviorist, he released six monkeys into the wild South Florida “jungle”. These monkeys have contributed to the nearly 400 which live on the preserve today. It has really set the scene for most zoological parks in the world and currently serves as a protected habitat for endangered monkeys, open to the public for the means of education and discovery. The lands are for the animals, for their love, their growth, and thriving; its second purpose is to provide animal, especially primate, lovers with a place to learn about these amazing animals. See Java monkeys forage for food and dive into the waters to find crabs and other shellfish, witness a troop of orangutans communicate with one another. The orangutans also perform in one of many shows offered at Monkey Jungle for the understanding and entertainment of the guests who come to visit. Other types of primates featured at Monkey Jungle include gibbons, guenons, spider monkeys, and even gorillas! All of these wonderful primates make their home on this amazing piece of property in Miami, so come out and see them soon!

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    Parrot Jungle Island

    Discover beautiful birds at Parrot Jungle IslandJungle Island, once named Parrot Jungle Island is an attraction in Miami that has been around since the 1930’s when Franz Scherr, an Australian carpenter and construction company proprietor became infinitely interested in tropical birds and animals. After realizing that the Depression was one tough nut to crack (especially in the construction field), he purchased a feed store in Homestead, Florida and grew very fond of the friendly tropical bird that he had in the shop. It was here that Franz realized his dream of creating an amazing attraction where people could come and witness just how friendly these amazing birds were. He rented 20 acres of hammock land for $25 per year and turned it into an amazing nature preserve with a nature path and an impressive flock of macaws, about 25 of them in total. Joe DuMond, the proprietor of Monkey Jungle and close friend to Franz Scherr, aided in the development of this great attraction. The two may be similar in many ways, but these two gentlemen shared a great passion for the animals and were grateful to be in each other’s company. He went against the advice of his family who all said the birds would fly away. They never did and today there are over 1,100 tropical birds, double that number in exotic plant life and flowers, and some of the best bird shows in the country. This place is absolutely beautiful and equally amazing. Aside from the many tropical birds at Jungle Island, there are several other animals including ligers, white tigers, llamas, red kangaroos, orangutans, chimpanzees, spider monkeys, lemurs, several types of reptiles and plenty of amazing tropical fish. This place is definitely an amazing sight and one to be seen live in person. Come out with the family and take in the amazing sights of Jungle Island. There is plenty to see and lots to learn about these amazing animals.

     Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, FloridaVizcaya Museum & Gardens is the estate which at one point belonged to industrialist James Deering. He set out to build himself an amazing bay front estate teaming with lush gardens, amazing craft works in the details of the façade and interiors of Vizcaya as well as massive statues and artworks around the property. When it was in operation as his winter home, Deering hired approximately 1000 personnel to work the grounds and maintain the massive home. This three story astonishing facility boasts three stories of rooms including a story specifically for workers and servants. When these rooms open to the public, they will open up the necessity for new stories about the property and the people who helped take care of it and its awe inspiring grounds. The main house of the estate is set to look like a 400 year old compound in Italy which has housed several generations of a family with antique furnishings and artworks ranging from the 15th to the 19th century. This 34 room mega mansion is an amazing place to see and compares greatly to the mega mansions in Rhode Island’s Newport where the Vanderbilt’s and the Rockefeller’s made their mega mansions like the Breakers, the Elms, and Rosecliff as well as others. Throughout the years of and shortly after James Deering’s patronage of the home Vizcaya was an open air home that allowed for nice cross breezes which carried with them a beautiful aroma of flowers, rain, and nature through it. Today, due to the overbearing restoration need and the preservation of the contents of the home including antique furniture and paintings, the home has been closed up and has had a closed air system attached. This allows for not only the preservation of its contents but also a great climate for guests to walk through the home on tours of the amazing estate. Bring the family out to an amazing historical place and take part in a bit of history which should be around for generations to come.

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January 11, 2011