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    Disney World

    South Beach in Miami, FlordiaFor a magical experience in sunny Florida there is no better place to be then Disney World. There are a number of lands within Disney World that allow children of all ages, from the very young to the very old to laugh, play, and have amazing times. There is so much to do and see in Disney World including riding amazing movie rides at Hollywood Studios, visiting the foreign lands and future progressions of the world at Epcot Center, riding the classics in the fairytale kingdom of Magic Kingdom, and even visit the many animals of foreign lands in Animal Kingdom. The experiences one can have at Disney World are unparalleled by any other theme park anywhere in the world. There is even a magical shopping district within the Disney World property which caters to the entertainment and shopping needs of the public as well as including great dining options in a number of themes. This amazing place is called Downtown Disney and there is plenty to see there as well. Shop in great stores for everything from clothing to art and even catch a show in the cinema, Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba, or a musical masterpiece at the House of Blues from any number of national touring performers. All of the parks have something to offer the young and old from great rides to amazing one-of-a-kind shows which happen daily in the parks. Experience the magic of IllumiNations at Epcot, the renowned fireworks display in the World Showcase Lagoon, or the firework spectacle which lights up the night sky over Magic Kingdom. Don’t forget Disney’s two great water parks which allow guests of Disney World to cool off in the hot Florida sun. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are experiences within themselves and offer a lot of great rides and slides for everyone in the family. Disney World is a world like no other, so come out for a visit when in Orlando, Florida!


    Gatorland Park in Orlando, Florida For a true taste of what Florida has to offer one would need to see the nature behind it all. One would have to enter a place where they could observe the indigenous wildlife and see its natural habitats all from a safe distance as not to be maimed or killed by the power of some of its most interesting inhabitants. Could this place actually exist in developed areas of Florida, maybe even in Orlando? The answer to that question is, “Absolutely!” Gatorland is known as the “alligator capital of the world” and has been since its inception in 1949 by a visionary named Owen Godwin. Godwin saw the opportunity to take some good ol’ Florida natural land and turn it into a preserve where people could come out and observe the many forms of reptiles and amphibians as well as some types of birds visible from the bird rookery and even mammals in the petting zoo. There are so many animals and exhibits to see at Gatorland and that makes it a great place to spend a day with the family. Take the time to catch some awesome shows too. These shows feature highly trained professionals interacting with gators and other animals to show the pure power, intelligence, and ability of these amazing animals. There is nothing like seeing a man wrestle an alligator close up and personal then to see that same gator jump from the water to devour a whole chicken in seconds. These amazing animals command total respect from the trainers and professionals who interact with them on a daily basis, and that respect could only be witnessed live, in person. The best place to discover the wonder of Florida’s many indigenous species is definitely Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.

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    Medieval Times

    Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Orlando, FloridaWelcome to an age where the victorious were the ones who fought for either the good of the people or their own selfish wants. To die by the sword was an honorable way to end one’s journey and those who lived to tell the tales of victory were the brave and glorious. These times were a lot simpler where treason and wrongdoing was punishable by death or torture and deeds of good were commemorated with knighting and honorable mention. Dining in these times were a lot simpler as well; here people ate with their hands and drank from goblets as they rejoiced during fairs, festivities, and other forms of entertainment across the land. This time was the medieval age, and the only place to bear witness to such valiant deeds and altercations is Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. There are several around but Orlando is where it’s at! At Medieval Times, guests are welcomed into a massive equestrian arena where knights of different colors and crests battle in a tournament of wits, agility, speed, strength, and stamina to win the games and the favorites of the crowd. These knights will joust, sword play, ride around the arena on horseback collecting rings on jousting poles, and many other feats of skill that no one in their right minds would attempt. These brave knights go before the people and the king for an amazing performance that never ceases to amaze the people that come from all over the world to witness them. The different knights featured at Medieval Times include the Black and White Knight, the Blue Knight, the Red and Yellow Knight, the Yellow Knight, the Red Knight, and the Green Knight. These brave knights use a multitude of weapons to complete their battles and no one ever knows who will win, so come and cheer your knight on to victory at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Orlando, Florida.

     Downtown Orlando

    Great dining and entertainment in Downtown OrlandoDowntown Orlando is an amazing place to visit when in the area. Downtown Orlando has a little bit of everything located within walking distance of each other and offers a great place to get away from the typical tourist themed locations which tend to cost a lot more than the local hangouts. While commuting from the resorts can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, it is well worth the drive or taxi. When one compares the amount of money spent on a night out at one of the attraction bars, clubs or restaurants, they will find that spending some money on a cab or parking will total out a lot less than sticking around the overpriced bars and clubs around the major theme parks. With awesome drink specials and special no cover deals for a lot of the venues, one finds a great place to hang out for the evening with a large variety establishments to give patronage to. There are other attractions available downtown besides restaurants and dining. There are venues which cater to live musical performance including a nice amphitheater at Lake Eola Park which provides a great place to spend the day listening to jazz or any number of musical performances which frequent the area. There is also the Amway Center which caters to the needs of major label national touring acts like Lady Gaga, WWE Smack Down Wrestling, and the home of the Orlando Magic. This venue is not to far from Church Street where a lot of Orlando’s locals play after work. Church Street is outfitted with great establishments for dining and music as well as some shops for the sake of keeping entertained during the day and into the early evening. Guest of downtown Orlando may get a chance to check out some local art studios in the process of all the other good times had down there. This is truly a great place to hang out and one that deserves plenty of attention.

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January 11, 2011