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    Rocaliza Adventure Tours in San Juan, Puerto RicoRocaliza offers an amazing amount of attractions and experiences which make their tours absolutely unforgettable. They work in exploiting the beautiful natural landscapes of San Juan including the lush tropical jungles, the mountain and cliff ranges, and beautiful oceans and rivers. Highly knowledgeable, professional guides aid guests and adventurers in the discoveries and experiences of their lives. Enjoy the high flying rock climbing, mountain face rappelling, and zip-lining that Rocaliza has to offer with the guidance of professionals who can entertain guests with knowledge of the area as well as total safety in such dangerous conditions. Rocaliza also offers some excellent hiking trail experiences as well as river trekking. The quality professionalism and safety guidelines of the guides available for all of these great experiences offer a very comfortable experience for guests of all ages. Make sure family and friends are in the best hands with the professionals at Rocaliza and get the most out of the experience in whatever adventures are taken. Zip lining and rappelling adventures can be found in a number of different locations in San Juan; El Sato Waterfall happens to be the most gorgeous experience. It can be found in the rainforest 45 minutes south of San Juan in Caguas. The mountain range is 2,000 feet above sea level and the surrounding lands make home to about 49 different species of birds, 27 different types of reptiles and amphibians, and all sorts of different mammals and plant life. El Salto also features rock climbing as well which is usually the beginning of the mountain face adventure. Another amazing location featured in Rocaliza’s adventures is the Limestone Forest. This amazing forest offers sensational views of the Julio Enrique Monagas Park in Bayamon. It is the closest set of tours to the San Juan area and features amazing petrified forests with caves and all kinds of other great scenery. Find great times in Rocaliza and have an amazing experience with Rocaliza tours.

    El Morro

    El Morro Castle in San Juan, Puerto RicoEl Morro is formally named Castillo de San Felipe del Morro and was at one point one of the most important defensive structures in the Americas and was also deemed the protector of the New World. When visiting Old San Juan, one must definitely visit El Morro. It is not only an iconic figure in the area, it is also a great place to hang out for the day to enjoy the surrounding scenery from the open skies and horizons to the green fields that make up the outskirts of the fortress. In the time of the Spanish conquistadores is when the fortress’ power was needed to protect the lands of Puerto Rico. Its role in military performance was exploited until after World War II. At the time of World War II, there was another level added to the multiple which had already existed during World War II and this was the last time the fortifications were built up. That puts the use of the fort at around 400 years or so which makes it a highly historical landmark. With unbelievable ocean views this location makes a great area to have a picnic with the family while enjoying some interesting sights. Visitors can explore the interior of the fortress as well. Walk the interior structure and take in the sheer powerful aura which the fortification gives off. El Morro took over 200 years to build. Its size and durability are the causes of such a long construction time. This very fortress repelled Sir Francis Drake’s English naval fleet in 1595. Its last mission in service to this date was to aid in the tracking of German submarines in the Caribbean. There is plenty to see at El Morro but it comes with the price of lots of walking. Guests will need to wear comfy shoes and get ready for plenty of steep slopes which are all pretty simple to overcome by just about anybody. The beauty of the land and the majesty of the fortress really make the hike worthwhile so come out to El Morro and enjoy the scenery.

San Juan, Puerto Rico EZ Rent A Car

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    Flavors of San Juan

    Enjoy the Flavors of San JuanOne of the best attractions in Sa Juan, Puerto Rico can be found just about anywhere travelers, locals, and others will go; it’s not in the form of the typical attractions though. It won’t be found tethered to a rope high above the tropical forests, it won’t be found on a track strapped down by shoulder restraints, or even on a high speed water craft zooming across the open ocean. It will most likely be found at local eateries, portside dining establishments, bars, some clubs, and even around the beaches, shopping areas, and many attractions in and around San Juan. If the guess was the excellent local cuisine then by God that is absolutely correct! San Juan is a mecca of great flavors all coming together to create a flavorful palate of delicious eats. Tropical drinks, wines, and other beverages compliment the flavors so well that experiencing the flavors together would be absolute bliss, and not soon forgotten by anyone. Foodies and plain old travelers alike can enjoy the dining experiences found in San Juan, but the culmination of flavors combine with stories of the rich history of the city as well as the conception of the flavors and styles of cooking can only be found in one experience. That experience is the Flavors of San Juan food tours brought to guests by a colorful little crew. Food tour proprietor and tour guide Leslie Padro and fellow tour guides Courtney Shade and Zoraida Del Toro combine their expertise in dining and cultural history to create an amazing experience for guests from all over the world. They are definitely well versed in the area and bring an impressive bit of knowledge to the table when it comes to dining in San Juan. With three different food tours to choose from, this is definitely a great experience for the entire family. Dinner tours are not open to guests under the age of 18 due to alcoholic beverages included in the tour.

     Old San Juan

    Exciting shopping and nightlife in Old San JuanOld San Juan is the oldest area of San Juan and features old buildings with very colorful façades as well as rich history. There is plenty to see in Old San Juan including great historical landmarks, dining, shopping, and a great nightlife scene. Included in its rich historical landmarks are over 400 buildings which have been there since the city rose. These buildings date back to 1521 and have been restored to a vivacious spectacle of colors keeping to the original 16th and 17th century architecture. This area is considered a U.S. Historic Zone filled with stone walkways, beautiful gardens and some of San Juan’s best nightclubs, bars, dining establishments, shops, and cafés. The dining establishments and eateries of San Juan as well as some of the bars and lounges are featured on the Flavor of San Juan food tours because they offer an amazing combination of flavor, culture, and history all in one beautiful location. Also prevalent in Old San Juan are the dance clubs which provide plenty of electrifying entertainment for everyone visiting the beautiful city. Some bars and clubs found in Old San Juan include Bodega Chic, El Batey, Blend, Colmado Bar Moreno and of course Senor Frog’s. These establishments make the evening so much more fun and exciting and are a perfect way to end a day of sightseeing, shopping, and relaxing on one of San Juan’s beautiful beaches. With so much to see and do in San Juan, Puerto Rico there is no wonder why it is a must on any traveler’s itinerary. Make Old San Juan a definite spot on the itinerary and enjoy what this historical city has to offer and remember to spread the word!

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January 11, 2011