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Things to do in St. Lucia

    Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding in St. LuciaHorseback riding can be an amazing experience anywhere on the planet and this is no exception on St. Lucia Island. There are plenty of sites to see in St. Lucia from the lush tropical forests to the beautiful shorelines of the island surrounded by crystal clear water and gorgeous white sands. The whole experience is absolutely amazing and makes for a great romantic getaway from the regular stresses of life. Feel a nice, refreshing sea breeze pass over as the horse trots along the beach. Witness a beautiful sunset or an amazing collection of tropical plants and vegetation as one rides along a nature trail in the forests and jungles which contribute to St Lucia’s beauty and appeal. There are plenty of horseback riding tour providers in St Lucia and each will give you the experience of a lifetime. Guests can forget about the day in this amazing riding journey through the wild tropics of St. Lucia. The International Riding Stables has a number of trails and paths to travel along which take riders on different journeys every time. Tour the country sides of the island and experience the warmth before you grow cold. There is also a company named Trim’s Riding Stables that offers different locations which translates to a completely different experience. It is not to say that one is better than the other, both should be experienced if at all possible. Two great locations to see while on a Trim’s tour are Pigeon Point Beach teaming with lush tropical vegetation, and Fort Rodney, which is situated on Pigeon Point. Riders can take a breath taking look at the beautiful sites around St. Lucia while on horseback and even stop for a swim in the crystal clear waters or have an amazing picnic on the beach. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how much of a phenomenal time one can have in St. Lucia.

    Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving in St. LuciaThere is an amazing selection of scuba diving in St Lucia and all of it is absolutely beautiful. There are all kinds of amazing creatures from tropical fish to big sea turtles, to amazing plant life and reefs to experience. With so much electrifying tropical life and amazing sites to see, scuba diving in St. Lucia is by far one of the most popular attractions in the islands. When diving in St Lucia guests can partake in shore diving, boat diving, wreck diving and even night diving. There are spots and tour groups who deal in diving all over the island, and each have their own appeal. Most dives offer amazing tropical fish and plant life but some offer wreckage from old ships and things of that nature that can be explored as well as huge reefs and other amazing sea life. St. Lucia is definitely one of the top five spots in the world for diving and it shows in the sights that people share with one another from all over the world. When diving in St. Lucia, most will see the Anse Chastanet reef. This reef is a home for tons of different species of fish as well as other plant and sea life. There are probably about 150 different species of fish swimming around at any time. When diving, one boat can experience the shores along the Piton Mountains or even Superman’s Flight which make up very picturesque sites to dive from. Divers can also see the wreckage of the “Lesleen M” or the sites of the Piton Wall or the Gross Piton which make up some amazing dive spots in the area. On the way back from this excitement and adventure, the boat will probably stop at Turtle Reef, Fairyland, or Grand Caille which means “Large Reef”. For the best experience on scuba diving in the islands, take a scuba excursion in St. Lucia.

St. Lucia EZ Rent A Car

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    St. Lucia Jazz Festival

    St. Lucia Jazz FestivalThe St Lucia Jazz Festival is a great event to partake in when in St Lucia in late April and early May. This amazing eclectic culmination of jazz and island musicians really touches the soul. There’s a lot more than just incredible music going on in St Lucia during the jazz festival. There are amazing people running around having the time of their lives sporting very colorful, comfortable clothing and décor as well as drinking and dining on tropical delicacies. Guests make their way through a lively bazaar of shops sporting some of the greatest flavors in St Lucia as well as hand crafted works of art and products which anyone would love to have a piece of for some memorable decoration around the home. The party is absolutely amazing and the people are even better. Find great items of interest for sale among the irresistible scents of great island cuisine made from the freshest ingredients and enjoy the sounds of jazz and island music which complete the ultimate experience in live entertainment. This festival is cooking the entire time. It goes on for about a week and is a phenomenal experience for festival and music lovers looking for that change of scenery when on vacation to Saint Lucia. The St Lucia Jazz Festival began 19 years ago as a promotional event to help boost tourism in the area on the off season. Today it has grown to a powerful event teaming with notable and world renowned performing artists as well as local talent which all have a passion for the music. The musical entertainment consists of a main stage, where all the hottest names in jazz and island music perform, as well as a number of different stages where other artists can perform. The musical entertainment at the St Lucia Jazz Festival is not limited to just jazz and island music. It also includes some amazing rhythm and blues, Latin and European, African, and fusion music as well. This culmination of spirit igniting, soul lifting music will send anyone visiting St Lucia on an incredible journey into the true heart of the island. Make sure to visit this amazing island and it’s incredible live entertainment event, the St Lucia Jazz Festival.

     St. Lucia Volcano

    St. Lucia Drive-in volcanoSt Lucia is home to the world’s only drive in volcano; the St Lucia Volcano is an amazing place to see when in St Lucia. Here visitors can be driven into a large crater where over 700 tons of sulfur had been mined in the 1830’s. There are minor eruptions of boiling water, steam, and hot mud which emanate from the crater from time to time. These are about the extent of the eruptions, which have never included ash and magma. There are instances where people actually bathe in the hot water springs which form in the crater and the surrounding area due to the water’s therapeutic values. It is said to have the ability to get rid of blemishes in the skin when used as a bath. The mud is rich in minerals which are good for the skin as well. This area is an amazing attraction to St Lucia and includes breath-taking views of the surrounding nature and wildlife including the rich tropical jungles and beautiful views of the ocean. Speaking of the ocean, the St Lucia volcano is said to be connected to the ocean. This has been stated due to the heightened activity of the volcano during full moons. The full moon signifies a different gravitational force on earth due to the position of the moon and acts on high tides and the oceans. When these changes occur, it heightens the activity of the crater by increasing the amount of water in it, due to its connection to the ocean. The people of Soufriere have plenty of pride in having this volcano so close to home and in fact make the perimeter of the volcano their home. One can smell all of the minerals and elements in the air emanating from the crater including sulfur, iron, magnesium, copper oxide, and other elements. The scent of these minerals and elements can be overpowering to most, but the scenery and the sheer experience of the power from within the Earth is enough to make anyone marvel in the presence of the world’s only drive in volcano in St Lucia.

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January 13, 2011