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    Land's End (Finisterra) Cabo San LucasLand's End Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
    situated on the southern end of Cabo San Lucas and squashed in between Playa de Divoricio and Playa del Amor, the magnificent rock formations that have been carved out of the landscape was created over thousands of years of strong winds and rough seas smashing against the southern Baja peninsula, with hordes of sea lions swimming and playing amidst the beauty and solitude found there. It has grown into a very romantic spot for couples to come and watch the sunset, with beautiful colors spanning the horizon as well as one of the most diverse diving locations along the Baja peninsula. The area is somewhat uninhabited with few vendors or facilities, but that does add to the charisma of the location, with many modern developments beginning to spread across the region. Eventually this encroachment will destroy some of the peace and quiet offered here, but that should be some years away. Swimming is difficult because of the strong surf, but ocean kayaking is very popular and offers exciting adventures to those that brave the rough seas. However, it is the sights of the landscape found there, with not much traffic presently and a great place for those looking for a quiet area to relax and enjoy the beauty of the land, the ocean and the marine life that abounds there.

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    Museo de la Casa de Cultura Todos SantosMuseo de la Casa de Cultura Todos Santos, Baja Calfornia Sur, Mexico
    this excellent museum houses the ruins of All Saints or the ruins of the mills and the outstanding archaeological remains show evidence of three ancient cultures that occupied the area and include the Canari, Incas and Spanish that would shape the history and heritage of the people living here. The ruins were uncovered quite by accident in 1972, when contractors were excavating land so they could construct a private home on the property, which would instead become a museum to house the artifacts discovered here, including the remains of a 3000 year old man called, Mantancita, along with many relics from the area's indigenous cultures.

January 4, 2014