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    Becan RuinsBecan Ruins Campeche, Baja California Sur, Mexico
    Campeche, Mexico is home to many beautiful Mayan ruins, with some located within miles of each other, constructed in the Rio Bec style of architecture that used the style of both the Peten and Chenes cultures, that is characterized by the finely cut stone blocks that were then covered with stucco and rounded corners. The Becan ruins in Campeche, had grown into the religious, economic and political capital of the Rio Bec area, with Becan being the Mayan word for trench, that still encompass the more significant structures and were accessed by seven bridges, with the trench created to either protect the city from attackers or to keep the elite above the poor. The earliest archaeological discovers indicate that the construction was done around 550 BC when the Olmec culture was on its decline, and would be completely abandoned by 1200 AD.

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    Land GateLand Gate Campeche, Baja California Sur, Mexico
    the Puerta de Tierra or Land Gate was constructed in 1732 to become the main entrance to the fortified city, that preserves only four such gates or entrances today. The majority of its elements have been preserved, like the loopholes, gunpowder storage areas and gun emplacements. There are three roads leading out the gate, with two of them going past the Guadalupe fort and the San Roman fort, with the third going to the magnificent estates of the Santa Ana neighborhood. During the fall and winter, there are light and sound shows provided that begin at 7 PM, but during the spring and summer, the events start at 8 PM.

January 4, 2014