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    El Rey RuinsEl Rey Ruins Cancun Mexico
    the marvelous Mayan ruins of El Rey in Cancun, Mexico might be small in size compared to some of the other more famous ruins, but these are well known for their huge colony of iguanas that seemed to have taken over the sight themselves. The reason that all these iguanas have come here is that they were located in the region where the majority of hotels were constructed, thus causing these creatures to come here for refuge from the hordes of tourists that visit here, and there are less tourists coming here than to the hotels. They have constructed a new visitor center, and the guards working here to keep it more secure and preserve the site, will often feed the throngs of iguanas with bits of tortillas which they seem to love and has taken their fear of humans away. Parking is very limited, so be sure to check it out when you arrive.

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    Museo de Arte Popular MexicanoMuseum of Folk Art Cancun, Mexico
    this museum of popular art in Cancun, Mexico houses an excellent collection of folk art that contains over 3400 pieces of various shapes, sizes, materials, textiles and colors that were created by the artisans of the region. One of their featured exhibits showcases Tianguis, a copy of a small village market and another called Troje that is a copy of Purepecha, the outstanding architecture of the Michoacan people. In their main gallery, there is a magnificent altar that has been framed with numerous examples of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and the trees of life in different shapes and sizes. There are a few dioramas with life-sized mannequins that depict the ethnic diversity of the area and the beautiful costumes worn by the Indians and other cultures that are so colorful and exotic. The museum has two stores in the city that offer excellent examples of the creations of the indigenous peoples and the beautiful folk art that they produce.

January 4, 2014