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    Catedral de San JuanCatedral de San Juan Puerto Rico
    The San Juan Cathedral is one of the oldest structures in the city, and the second oldest cathedral in the Western Hemisphere, with the construction starting in 1521 and would be finished in 1540; and houses the marble tomb of the famed Spanish explorer and settlement founder, Juan Ponce de LeonThere is a lovely trompe l'oeil painting that lines the interior of the dome in the church that makes it look bigger than it really is, although the beauty of it seems to overpower the illusion that is created.  The original thatched hut constructed in 1521 would be blown away during one of the island's severe storms, but it was replaced in 1540 with the current cathedral that is considered one of the finest churches in the islands.

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    Casa EscuteCasa Escute Carolina, Puerto Rico
    The Casa Escute is a small museum in Carolina, Puerto Rico, on the north end of the island, with seven excellent galleries that include the permanent exhibition of Felipe Birriel, with the finest visual and folk arts of the nation. Felipe Birriel, was known as the "giant of Carolina" and also the tallest Puerto Rican at 7 feet and 11 inches.

March 31, 2014