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    Puppet Emperor's Palace (Wei Huang Gong)Puppet Emperor's Palace Changchun, China
    The Museum of the Imperial Palace of the Manchu State is also called the Illegitimate Manchukuo Imperial Palace Museum since it was the official residence of the last emperor of China that was created by the Imperial Japanese Army, for Puyi, to live in as would become his role as Emperor of the Japanese puppet state of Machukuo; and the museum is located in the northeastern corner of Changchun, Jilin province in the northeast region of China. To the people of the People's Republic of China, the structures are referred to as the Puppet Emperor's Palace and Exhibition Hall. The palace contains numerous buildings that make up the enormous structure that is more like a complex than palace, with the Jixi building, Tongde Hall, Qinmin building, Zhixiu house, Changchun house, Huaiyuan building and the Siheyuan that is located in the inner palace.

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    Jilin MuseumJilin Museum Changchun, China
    the Jilin Museum is located in Changchun, China and spans an area of 21,528 square feet and was constructed on the original palace site of the Emperor Pu Yi, who became a puppet emperor of Manchukuo during the Anti-Japanese War that lasted from 1931 until 1945, when the Japanese nation would be defeated by the Allied Forces. The museum contains numerous areas with exciting and historical exhibits from the Paleolithic age, the Neolithic age through the Yuan dynasty to the Qing dynasty and houses over 2000 exhibits, that contain historic and cultural antiquities that were excavated in the Jinlin province mostly. It covers approximately the period of the Wangfutan man in prehistoric ages to the Opium war and reflects the historical development of the province. There is a magnificent collection of calligraphic masterpieces and paintings created by the famous Chinese poets and painters of the ancient periods, with works by such notables as Zhang Daqian and Qi Baishi. Visitors can view the expansive collections of jade, bronze, lacquers and porcelain, along with iron armor, a pair of white jade earrings, a bronze mirror with inscriptions of the Khitan people in the Liao dynasty, a bronze board ornament, a bronze harness of the Gaojuli people, a fresco facsimile from a princess's tomb and a purple glazed bowl from the Jing dynasty.

January 8, 2014