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    Qingyang PalaceQingyang Palace Chengdu, China
    this palace is located in the southwest area of Chengdu, in southwest China's Sichuan province, as the oldest and biggest Taoist temple in the region, and has been designated as a key national temple of Taoism by the state council. The name of Qingyang Palace or the Grey Goat Palace is derived from the two grey goats made of bronze that occupy a prominent area of the temple's Sanqing Main hall. The goats have become the symbol of the palace and brought many tourists to visit. It was initially constructed in the Tang Dynasty around 618-908 AD. and one of the numerous legends has it that an emperor of the dynasty came here for asylum. It would be rebuilt in 1667 in the reign of Emperor Kangxi and continued to be enlarged afterwards. It is a beautiful temple and considered very grand for its stylings, covering over 125,000 square feet and includes the temple gate, Tangwang Hall and Sanqing Hall. The interior contains the Hunyuan Hall that is very big and elegant, with the Bagua booth or eight diagrams booth that houses the statue of Laozi on a bronze cow that is enshrined, is believed to be the finest preserved and most exquisite structure in the architecture here. The most valuable artifact in the palace is the canon of Taoism Sutra that is the best preserved in the world along with being a precious material for research into Taoism.

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    Du Fu CottageDu Fu Cottage museum Chengdu, China bronze sculpture of Du Fu
    the Du Fu thatched cottage that occupies 24 acres outside of Chengdu is a park and museum dedicated to the Tang dynasty poet Du Fu, and in 1961, the government would make it a national heritage site. Du Fu moved to Chengdu in 756 AD, and constructed a thatched hut near the Flower Rising Creek and lived there for four years. This period would become his most prolific, writing two hundred poems and include "My Thatched Hut was torn apart by Autumn Wind" and "the Prime Minister of Shu". It has grown into a popular attraction for Du Fu enthusiasts around the world coming here to pay tribute to this great poet. That original hut would be destroyed in time, with the main structures being constructed in the early 16th century during the Ming dynasty and renovated quite a bit in 1811 during the Qing dynasty. The museum that is located here includes; the Du Gong Bu memorial hall where his life and works are showcased, the thatched hut that had been rebuilt and divided into a bedroom, study and kitchen, the Hall of Great Poets or Da Ya Tang, with a beautiful mural painting that portrays scenes from his poems.

January 8, 2014