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    Mission San Juan CapistranoMission San Juan Capistrano Costa Mesa, California
    The Spanish mission that is located in southern California is found in the town of San Juan Capistrano and founded on All Saints Day in 1776 by Spanish Catholics of the Franciscan order, and named after Giovanni da Capistrano, a 15th century theologian and warrior priest that lived in the Abruzzo area of Italy. This mission is famous for many reasons, but the most historical is the chapel housed there that is the oldest structure in the state, built in 1782, and known as the Serra's chapel or Father Serra's chapel, and the only extant building that has been documented to have had padre Junipero Serra celebrate mass. It is also one of the best known Alta California missions, and originally consecrated by Father Fermin Lasuen, in 1775; quickly vacated after learning that the indigenous people in the region were having some problems. The mission grape of criolla, would be planted here first, in 1779, and produce the first wine in 1783. Another outstanding reason for the familiarity of the mission is the fabulous retablo that serves as the backdrop to the altar, that is a masterpiece of baroque art, hand carved of 396 individual pieces of cherry wood and overlaid in gold leaf created in Barcelona and guesstimated to be at least four centuries old. Then, in 1911, Hollywood found the mission and began using it as a backdrop for many movies that would bring more fame to the old mission, with the first filming ever shot in Orange County being the Two Brothers, a western starring Mary Pickford and Owen Moore. But perhaps the most famous events that happen at the mission is the return of the cliff swallows that are migratory birds spending their winters in Goya, Argentina and making the 6000 mile trip north to the warmer climates of the American southwest in the springtime. According to legend, the birds, who have visited here for centuries each summer, first took refuge here when an irritated innkeeper started destroying their mud nests. Since the mission is near two rivers, it would be a perfect location for the swallows to stay since they had the cover of the old mission's stone church ruins and the insects that thrived at the river's edges.

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    Costa Mesa Historical Society MuseumCosta Mesa Historical Society Museum Costa Mesa, California
    The Costa Mesa historical society began in 1966 as a support group for the Diego Sepulveda adobe, as well as to promote, and preserve the civil, natural, literal and ecclesiastical history of the region, but the city of Costa Mesa in particular. The members began collecting period furnishings for the adobe and would be used as tour guides, as well as starting to collect historical photographs, begin a library and archives for collected maps, personal papers and books, as well as present speakers about the local history. Currently, the society houses a wonderful collection of some 70,000 pieces that span the time from pre-historic period to the present. There are also over 27,000 photographs of the people and places around the region, more than a thousand library books about the city, hundreds of maps, local periodicals and newspapers, audio and video recordings and movies or films, the Estancia historical site and major collections that include; the Mildred Fisher collection, early Costa Mesa collection, the Nell Murbarger collection, the Lions Club collection, SAAAB collection, the Ed Miller collection and the Dodge family collection.

March 29, 2014