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    Museo de Arte CostarricenseMuseo de Arte Costarricense San Jose, Costa Rica
    The Costa Rica Art Museum (MAC) is the art museum located in San Jose, Costa Rica, housing over six thousand works of art that contains photography, sculpture, paintings and other international and national artworks, that span the mid-19th century to the early 21st century. The neoclassical style structure that houses this outstanding museum was built in the late 1930s. The museum has the biggest collection of Costa Rican artworks in the world, that includes; watercolors, drawings, paintings, printmaking, sculpture and photography, as well as holding an excellent library of works with more than 1700 volumes by well known Costa Rican artists. In their international gallery, they have acquire over 560 contemporary artworks that run the gamut from geometric art to lyrical abstraction, with more works in the photo-realism category, along with minimalism, conceptual art, art mater, poor art, object art and neo-expressism. Another outstanding gallery is the Juan Manuel Sanchez gallery that houses over 4000 works of Juan, who was an educator, draftsman, poet and sculptor that live in the nation from 1907 until 1990. His works make up the nucleus of this excellent collection that is sure to give you much enjoyment and pleasure while visiting the museum.

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    Metropolitan ChurchMetropolitan Church San Jose, Costa Rica
    The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Jose is situated in San Jose, Costa Rica, and is the second church constructed here after the first that had been constructed in 1802 was destroyed by an earthquake and replaced in 1871 using a design by Eusebio Rodriguez in a particular style that combines baroque, neo-classical and Greek Orthodox with Doric pilasters and neo-classical pediments with steeples located on the flanks of the front of the church. The interior contains a marvelous colonial style tiled floor and beautiful stained glass windows that highlight Biblical scenes. The vaulted ceiling runs the entire length of the nave, with two fluted columns that support it, and the main altar has statues of cherubs and a wooden figure of Christ in the background is faced with a half-cupola in the wall that contains a mural of Jesus and the Holy Father. The chapel of the Holy Sacrament is set to the left of the altar and adorned with wood quadrants and floral motifs. It is a warm inviting church structure that is filled with friendly congregants and a loving environment.

January 12, 2014