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    White PagodaWhite Pagoda Fozhou, China
    there are really two pagodas located in Fozhou, China, with one, the White Pagoda being called, Bai Tai and the other, Black Pagoda is called Wu Ta. The white pagoda sits on the western slope of Yu Hill, originally called Ding Guang Ta or the Pagoda of Eternal Brightness, rising up about 12o feet, is seven tiered and octagonal, and of course, white in color. It was originally constructed in 905 AD. but collapsed in 1534 after being struck with lightning, then rebuilt in 1548 AD. It, along with the nearby Tomb of Song Dynasty is a famous destination in the city. The Black rests on the southern slope of the Black Hill and is only 95 feet high, as well as being seven tiered and octagonal. It was built in 944 AD during the Five Dynasties. From either pagoda, you will have a fantastic panoramic view of the city and area surrounding it and they are gorgeous when lighted with thousands of lanterns.

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    Hualin TempleHualin Temple Fozhou, China
    this beautiful temple was built during the Southern dynasties, and expanded in 1654 to be renamed the Hualin Temple. It was originally called Xilai Temple which means visitor from the west, since a legend says the temple was built after the arrival of Dharma the Indian monk. It is one of the five biggest Buddhist temples in the province, with many monks. Its Five-Hundred-Arhat Hall was constructed in the final year of Emperor Daoguang, who lived from 1821 to 1841 and houses numerous statues that include Marco Polo and King Asoka Pagoda sits in the midst of it all.

January 8, 2014