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    Haikou MuseumHaikou Museum Haikou, China
    the Hainan Provincial Museum for Chinese History in Haikou, China houses more than 2 million artifacts that were recovered from the waters underneath, and the historical relics from the Li and Kiao ethnic minorities, as well as local cultural artifacts from the Hainan province. Its main exhibits include; the Hainan history exhibit, the Hainan cultural relics exhibit, the Hainan ethnic minorities exhibit and the Hainan intangible cultural heritage exhibit; with special displays shown regularly.  The museum is also known as the East out of five Ancestral Hall Museum with outstanding antique buildings as well as celebrity biographies.

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    Hainan Tropical Zoo and Botanical GardenHainan Tropical Zoo and Botanical Garden Haikou, China liger cubs
    The Haikou Tropical Zoo and botanical garden is situated in Haikou, China, housing over 4000 rare birds and animals that include some endangered and rare animals living in a diversified area of jungle, with numerous type of botanical and tropical gardens. The majority occupies a wonderful rainforest that has been transformed into a magnificent zoo that contains a liger, or cross between a lion and tiger, in fact, two that have been named Pingping and Anan. This is the biggest botanical garden in the nation, as well as containing the biggest amount of lions in captivity in Asia, and the biggest macaw park as well. The beautiful gardens have been integrated into the wild tropical rainforest landscape, which makes it more exciting and interesting for visitors to enjoy the wild animals held here. They also have an excellent restaurant serving great Chinese foods and can hold up to 600 people at a time so you won't have to wait on any drinks or snacks. It is one of the most natural environments for animals in Asia and continues to fascinate the visitors that come here from around the world.

January 11, 2014