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    St. Sophia ChurchSt. Sophia Church Harbin, China
    standing proudly and majestically in the midst of Daoli, Harbin City, Heilongjiang province, China, the Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom of God, or more locally known as the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin, this beautiful former Russian Orthodox church had been constructed in 1907, and is still considered one of the most outstanding structures of the city. After the Trans-Siberian Railway was finished in 1903, which connected Vladivostok to northeast China, Russian number 4 army division would arrive here after having lost to the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. This magnificent church was then constructed and finished in 1097 as part of their plan to reconsolidate the confidence of the troops by constructing such a huge and imposing spiritual symbol. After the People's Republic of China was born, in 1949, the cathedral would be given to the Chinese, who had stopped all further missionary work in the country, and in 1997, converted it into a museum, called the Municipal Architecture and Art Museum that today, showcases the multi-cultural architectural developments of the region through the years.

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    Siberian Tiger ParkSiberian Tiger Park Harbin, China
    this park was opened in 1996 to preserve and protect the Siberian tigers in the nation and to continue studies about this magnificent animal, it occupies a bank along the Songhua River, housing over 800 Siberian tigers of all ages, shapes and sizes, making it the biggest Siberian tiger preserve in the world. There are also other cat species housed here that include; lions, black pumas, leopards, tigers and lynx, and many consider it to be a fascinating place for relaxation and pleasure, watching the numerous tigers at play or other comical activities. The park has been divided into ten areas for different purposes, where at any one time, you'll be able to see over a hundred tigers running about with the other cats. These tigers are the biggest felids in the world, and are on the endangered list because of all the continued worldwide development that has laid claims to their former lands and hunting grounds. It occupies almost 400 acres that offer these large cats more room to roam, and it is a very interesting and exciting way to spend the day, since you won't be able to view this many Siberian tigers anywhere else in the world.

January 11, 2014