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    Kenai Visitors and Cultural CenterKenai Visitors and Cultural Center Kenai, Alaska
    This center was constructed to celebrate the city's 200th anniversary and contains all the inventory that was acquired from the now defunct Fort Kenay Museum, the audio-visual room that shows movies about the state and a marvelous visitor's center. The museum exhibits showcase the Russian, Aleut and Athabascan cultural displays, oil industry history exhibits, homesteading, commercial fishing and mining displays, Cook Inlet Basin and Kenai displays and a nature room about Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. They have an outstanding gift shop that sells products that have been created by the local peoples and whales. There is always something new going on at the center, currently hosting a Kenai Peninsula Photographers Guild Exhibit that closes on the 1st of January, Spring Break Movies at the Kenai center, and this summer will host Intersecting Journeys that is an interdisciplinary display with a mix of natural and cultural history items, archival materials and images that have been augmented by statewide contemporary artworks, along with all the new works of art. Another exciting aspect of the center is that it also houses the City of Kenai's permanent collection of contemporary art, archeological items, natural history objects and native relics. In their gallery, you'll discover more interesting exhibits like Alaskan Light: Mystery Revealed, The Kenai Experience, Alaska 2005: Native Arts Now, Sticks and Stones Alaskan Structure, Alaska 2003: A Celebration of Wildlife Art, Kenai Digital Funk and Wild Alaska: Bounty of the Sea.

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    Kenai National Wildlife RefugeKenai National Wildlife Refuge Kenai, Alaska
    This fabulous refuge contains 1.92 million acres of wildlife preserve that is situated on the Kenai Peninsula that had been created in 1941 as the Kenai Moose Range, changing its name and scope in 1980 to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. This magnificent land contains various types of terrain that includes alpine areas, muskeg, taiga forests and many wetlands, as well as protection of moose, caribou, wolves, mountain goats, brown and black bears and dall sheep; along with thousands of native and migratory birds. There are a few campgrounds, with a couple already developed, boat launches and thousands of miles of outstanding trails. Other wildlife that lives on the refuge include; Alaskan marmot, coyote, red fox, lynx, wolverine, beaver, marten, pygmy shrew, red squirrel, river otter, mink, little brown bat, porcupine, ermine and snowshoe hare. The beautiful caribou has been missing from the refuge for almost half a century, but in the 1960s, they were reintroduced into the refuge and began to thrive, numbering today at about 500. The Kenai NWR is one of the very few refuges in the nation that support Dall sheep, numbering the 900 to 1300 range, while sharing the mountainous ranges with mountain goats that number in the 500 to 700 range. Another species that had disappeared altogether on the refuge was the wolf that had disappeared entirely by 1915, but then in the late 1960s, they began to return to the area by themselves. The lynx is the only North American cat that lives in the state, and can be seen only rarely if at all. This refuge is a spectacular place to visit, with huge hordes of salmon and trout thriving in the streams and rivers that run through the refuge. The beautiful scenery is enough to bring folks here for a visit that they will never forget, since there aren't any areas in the lower 48 states that contains such vivid and luxurious natural habitats.

March 29, 2014