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    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation AreaRed Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Las Vegas, Nevada
    about 15 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is protected by the Bureau of Land Management and welcomes more than a million visitors each year that come here to view the huge red rock formations that exist in sandstone peaks and walls that have been named the Keystone Thrust. Some of these walls rise up 3000 feet and have become very popular rock climbing destinations and great hiking areas. The tallest peak is La Madre Mountain that stands at 8,154 feet above sea level. There is a splendid one-way thirteen mile loop that offers easy access to the majority of the main features, with numerous side roads and parking areas that provide excellent opportunities to hike along the trails located here. The visitor center is found at the start to the loop, but beware of bicyclists since they have taken a great liking to biking this marvelous loop. The beginning has a small hill that is fairly easy to ride up and the remainder is either downhill or flat, making it so popular with the beautiful scenery that you'll pass by. The Red Rock Canyon is a side canyon area that is accessible by four wheel drive vehicles only, that goes off the loop, and there is a unnamed although often used valley that has been cut through by State Road 159 which is often confused with the canyon, but it isn't. The huge wall of rock that is called Wilson Cliffs or Keystone Thrust is viewable to the west if you do take the highway. At the southern end of the conservation area there is the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, the village of Blue Diamond and the western ghost town copy attraction of Bonnie Springs. This area is the easternmost part of the Mojave Desert with over 600 species of plants found here. There are Joshua trees, blackbrush, banana yucca, creosote and Mojave yucca, with the opportunity to see wild burros wandering around the region, as well as rabbits and ground squirrels. If you are traveling in the higher elevations, you might see some bighorn sheep, and the desert tortoise is one of the protected species found here.

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    Las Vegas Natural History MuseumLas Vega Natural History Museum Las Vegas, Nevada
    this natural history museum is found in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, across from the Lied Discovery Children's museum with a majority of the exhibits concentrating on the ancient sea bed that had covered the entire Las Vegas area millions of years ago. Using interactive displays, educational programs and the preservation of their excellent collections, the museum devotes itself to create an understanding and appreciation of the world's wildlife, cultures and ecosystems. A few of the permanent exhibits includes; Enelstad Family Prehistoric life gallery, Treasures of Egypt, E. L. Wiegand Foundation, Wild Nevada gallery, the International Wildlife gallery, Las Vegas Founders' African galleries, the geology gallery, marine life gallery and the MGM/Mirage Young Scientist center. Their educational programs are outstanding opportunities for children of all ages to learn more and discover more about the early history of this region and the various events that occurred to create this unique environment. Their field trips are especially geared towards different age groups so that the instructors can focus on specific areas of interest pertaining to each individual group.

March 31, 2014