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    The National Palace of CultureThe National Palace Managua, Nicaragua
    The National Palace is one of the city's oldest structures that was not damaged by the 1972 Nicaragua earthquake, and commissioned by then President Juan Bautista Sacasa in 1935 and constructed by the architect, Pablo Dambach, who had also constructed the cathedral in Santiago. The nation's Congress would meet here for over half a century, but now it contains the National archives, National library and the National museum, all of which are open to the public to visit and view. The museum showcases pre-Columbian paintings, ceramics, statues and other outstanding items of antiquity. The palace also houses the Hall of National History and Hall of National Symbols.

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    National MuseumNational Museum Managua, Nicaragua
    The National Museum was established near the end of the 19th century, and opened as one of the most significant and biggest centers for cultural and artistic expositions in the nation, housing important relics from prehistorical bones and pre-Columbian ceramics that are dated back some 4000 years to the more modern paintings and sculptures. The structure that houses the museum is the National Palace of Culture that is situated in the heart of Managua, Nicaragua and contains nine rooms of temporary and permanent exhibits. As you begin your visit, you'll enter into the lobby of the palace, where guides can be obtained to take your around the exhibits and explain all you care to learn about this early and marvelous culture, with pre-Columbian statues discovered at Ometepe Island decorating the lobby and turning it into a more informal entrance into the museum. There is a magnificent wall mural that depicts the historic battle of San Jacinto, with many other murals located here that were painted by well known artists like the two Italians, Giancarlo Splendiani and Maurizo Gobernati, Canadian Arnold Belkin and Mexican Felipe Castellon. In the natural history room there is an overview of the historical and geological areas of the nation, with intriguing maps of the presence of various minerals located throughout the country, along with outstanding information about the various minerals located there. Their paleontology room houses a fabulous collection of huge prehistorical mammal bones that have been uncovered at the various sites in the nation, along with the skeletal remains of a mastodon, the bones of a whale and the bones of a huge ant eater.

January 14, 2014