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    Milwaukee Art MuseumMilwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    right on the edge of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sits a really unique looking structure that looks as if it should belong to an alien landscape, although it is more than that, since it houses the magnificent Milwaukee Art Museum or for short, it is known as MAM, and it was started in 1872, with numerous organizations being started so that the city could have its own art gallery. At that time, the city was just little more than a growing port town with few if any locations to host an art exhibition of any kind. During the previous nine years, every effort to construct or start a major art gallery had been thwarted, although it would host a great exhibition in 1881 at the Milwaukee Exposition Hall that was the city's major event venue at that period. Not too much later, Alexander Mitchell would donate all her collection so that the first permanent art gallery in the city could be constructed. In 1882, the Milwaukee Museum of Fine Arts would be founded, although it would be dissolved within six years, but that same year the Milwaukee Art Association would be started by a group of German panorama artists and area businessmen, and their first home would be the Layton Art Gallery. Today, the museum houses more than 25,000 works of art and within its permanent collection there is a fabulous collection of old masters, as well as 19th and 20th century works, American decorative arts, post-1960 American art, folk and Haitian art and one of the finest collections of German expressionism. It does have a big amount of Georgia O'Keefe works and the German expressionist, Gabriele Munter.

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    Pabst MansionPabst Mansion Milwaukee, Wisonsin
    the former home of Captain Frederick Pabst, the founder of Pabst Brewing Company is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and designed by local architect, George Bowman Ferry, in the Flemish renaissance revival style that would be completed in 1892; with the family living there until 1908, when the archdiocese would purchase it and for the next 67 years, five archbishops and as many priests and sisters would live at the Pabst mansion. By 1975, the archdiocese was selling the mansion in hopes of a historical preservation group purchasing it and returning it to its former pristine condition. In 1978, Wisconsin Heritages, Inc. would buy it and open it to the public that year, thus saving the magnificent structure from being demolished so that a parking garage could replace it. By 1998, the Wisconsin Heritages, Inc. had changed its name to the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion, Inc and it is still open to the public with daily tours. It would take some time for the restoration process to be completed since the archdiocese had painted the ceiling, cove, panels above the doorways and walls white, so the restorers would have to take down three huge mirrors on the eastern wall that had been hanging there since the Pabst family lived there and the painters for the archdiocese had actually painted around them instead of taking them down to paint, so the underside of the mirrors still had the original paint colors. Current restoration is going on in the master suite which had also been painted, and when the paint was stripped away, they found palm fronds painted directly onto the ceilings in the four corners of the Sitting Room.

March 31, 2014