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    Croydon PlantationCroydon Plantation Montego Bay, Jamaica
    Situated on the interior of the island of Jamaica, in magnificent lush mountainside vegetation grows, showing the kind of soil that grows the finest pineapples, citrus, flowers and coffee. This is a working plantation, close to the foothills of Catadupa mountains and close to Montego Bay, where there are outstanding views of the countryside, and the birthplace of Samuel Sharpe, a national hero, who had given his life to end slavery in this country. As you stroll around the grounds, there are many places to grab some fruit and drinks that are made from it, with very different tastes from different pineapple varieties, citrus, sugarcane and coffee. They serve a great barbeque lunch that is served with their own popular and famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

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    Barnett Estate PlantationBarnett Estate Plantation Montego Bay, Jamaica
    another outstanding plantation on the island of Jamaica is the Barnett Estate plantation that is also near Montego Bay, and the former estate of one of the richest and most influential families of the island. When you come to visit the plantation, you can take a stroll to the past, when the plantations on this area would grow just about anything and everything from sugarcane to pineapples and has some of the best views around the island. The plantation grows many types of fruit trees as well as mangoes, coconuts, sugarcane and more, with the chance to taste all these great fruits as you visit. The Barnett Great House was built in 1735, and was in this family for 11 generations, with outstanding artifacts and family heirlooms that date back to the 17th century. There is a mahogany rum chest that contains the first bottle that would be used to transport rum samples to and from England, with a chance for you and your family to sit, relax and enjoy some of these excellent rum drinks.

January 12, 2014