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    Museo del ObispadoMuseo del Obispado Monterrey, Mexico
    this regional museum of History at the bishop's palace has been referred to as the Bishop's Museum, since it is located in the former residence of bishop Rafael Jose Verger, who had come here to start a mission. Originally, when Carlos III was king, Pope Pius VI issued a Bull in the year 1777, to construct a church and call it the diocese of Linares, in the city named the same, and make it the capital of the territory. Recommended by the king, the pope would name friar Antonio de Jesus to become the new bishop, and he would get his posting in the year 1779, instructing him to assume the post of the bishop of the diocese and all the rites included. Sadly, the friar passes on before arriving to complete his task and mission, so the pope named Rafael Jose Verger as the new bishop and sends him instead. Once the friar Verger gets his assignment, he asks the king if he can move the capital of the region to Monterrey since the people are more receptive to the sacraments. The king agrees and Verger heads to Monterrey to construct the new church and begin his mission. In 1787, Verger asks the city council for land to construct the church on, and they offer Vera knoll to build the church and mission on. They agreed and that would start the construction of the palace that is now the finest example of colonial architecture in the city. It remains a church until 1956, when the diocese is moved and the old mission is converted into a regional museum called Nuevo Leon.

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    Museo del VidrioMuseo del Vidrio Monterrey, Mexico
    this glass museum opened in 1992, in the industrial area of Monterrey, Mexico, with outstanding pre-Columbian artworks that include natural crystals, the Hall of Stained Glass, the start of the industry, colonial glass and the chemistry of the 19th century; and in the penthouse apartment, there is an art gallery and many contemporary exhibits. The museum opened with a mission to preserve and provide the national heritage of this industry and to foster a greater appreciation of it to the people of Mexico. The three story structure was originally constructed in 1909 that would become the first headquarters of the Glass Monterrey company that has grown into Vitro. The first floor houses traditional glass from Europe that dates from the 16th century to the 19th century, and the eventual arrival of glassmaking in the new world. There are comparisons between the two types of glass produced, and one, the pulquero, that was originally produced in Mexico. The second floor contains industrial and popular glass works, that include numerous different types of glass, and many created by the artisans of the day, as well as those of today. The third floor had been used to house temporary exhibits, but now contains the permanent collections of contemporary art glass that has been created by local, national and international glass makers. The glass art is beautiful and created with the finest skills that had been brought here many hundreds of years ago.

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