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    Montreal Museum of Fine ArtsMontreal Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, Canada
    this magnificent fine arts museum is the oldest art institution in the nation, opening in 1860 and then moving to its current location in 1912 with help from businessman James Ross. It is Montreal, Canada's biggest museum and one of the most distinguished in the country, situated on the historic Golden Square Mile area of the city, and housed in three pavilions that include a 1912 beaux arts structure that had been designed by William Sutherland Maxwell and his brother, Edward Maxwell. The other two pavilions include the Jean-Noel Desmarais pavilion and the Michal and Renata Hornstein pavilion that contain 30,000 beautiful works of art. The museum began converting the Erskine and American United Church in 2007 so that it could double its exhibit space devoted to Canadian artists sitting within a nationally known historic site constructed in 1894.

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    Museum of Archaeology and HistoryMuseum of Archaeology and History Montreal, Canada
    the museum is now called Pointe-a-Calliere, but still houses the fabulous museum of archaeology and history situated in Old Montreal, founded in 1992, to help celebrate the city's 350th anniversary and showcasing collections of the First Nations of the area and is today, a national historic site. It welcomes more than 350,000 visitors a year and has been awarded over fifty national and international awards. Permanent exhibits include; a multimedia show: Montreal, Tales of a City, Where Montreal was Born and Montreal Love stories-The Cultural Connection. The showpiece of the museum is the Where Montreal was Born exhibition that brings visitors to an actual archaeological site where the city was born, in a unique underground route that spans six centuries of the region's history.

January 4, 2014