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    The Cathedral of Christ the Lightthe Cathedral of Christ the Light Oakland, California
    also known as the Oakland Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Light belongs to the Roman Catholic diocese of Oakland, California, housing the seat of the bishop of Oakland that is the first cathedral that was constructed in the 21st century, replacing the Cathedral of Sainte Francis de Sales that had been severely damaged in the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. Christ the Light is bigger and houses the cathedral church, conference center, rectory, mausoleum, chancery offices of the bishop's curia and the health services center. The mausoleum contains twelve crypts that are reserved for the bishops of Oakland and there are burial sites available for the members of the congregation that is comparable in price as other Catholic cemeteries in the area. The center has a public plaza, garden, bookstore and cafe so that members won't have to travel far to find something to eat or drink on the longer days. This impressive and certainly unorthodox structure, in regards to all the previous cathedrals ever constructed, was designed by architect Craig W. Hartman and had been planned to be finished in 2000, but wasn't until 2008 when it would be consecrated by Bishop Allen Henry Vigneron. This lovely majestic church is the mother church to over half a million Catholics.

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    USS PotomacUSS Potomac Oakland, California
    The USS Potomac was originally the USCGC Electra, until Franklin Delano Roosevelt would use it as his presidential yacht from 1936 until his passing in 1945 and is only one of the three presidential yachts still afloat. In August of 1941, she would be used as a decoy when Roosevelt would attend a secret meeting that would develop the Atlantic Charter, and is currently being preserved as a National Historic Landmark. The Atlantic Charter would define the Allied goals for the post-war era world and detailed numerous goals that the Allies wanted to engage after the end of WWII. The Potomac was constructed in 1934 by the Manitowac Ship Building Company in Wisconsin, as a United States Coast Guard Cutter and named the Electra. In 1936, she would be converted to a presidential yacht and commissioned into the United States Navy. The excellent vessel would then be used extensively by Roosevelt for fishing trips and entertaining guests that included the Crown Princess Martha of Norway. In 1939, England's King George VI and Queen Elizabeth would travel with the Roosevelts on board the vessel to the home of George Washington, Mt. Vernon. In 1941, Roosevelt would leave the capitol and board the Potomac in New London, Connecticut, sailing for Appogansett Bay while the president fished and eventually she would anchor in Menemsha Bight in Vineyard Sound, where the heavy cruiser, USS Augusta lay at anchor. In the wee hours of the early morning of August 5, the Potomac came alongside the Augusta and the president and his party would board the cruiser, which headed out at high speed to Newfoundland, where Winston Churchill waited to discuss the plans and the Atlantic Charter with Roosevelt. His flag would still be hung from the mast on board the Potomac, with a secret serviceman posing as Roosevelt. When the meeting was over, the president returned to the yacht and no one was the wiser. She would be decommissioned after Roosevelt passed on, and returned to the Coast Guard in November of 1945. Beginning in 1946, she would be used by the Maryland Tidewater Fisheries commission and then sold to Warren G. Toone in 1960, where she would be used as a ferry between the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Elvis Presley would purchase the gorgeous ship in 1964 for $55,000, who then offered it to the March of Dimes that wouldn't be able to use it. So, he gave it to St. Jude's Children's hospital in Memphis so they could sell it as a fund raiser. They sold it that year for $75,000, but by 1980 was seized by the US Customs Service when she was stopped for smuggling drugs. She would be towed to Treasure Island and then sink. Two weeks later the navy refloated her and then sold it to the port of Oakland for $15,000.

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