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    Reprosa-Treasures of PanamaReprosa-Treasures of Panama Panama City, Panama
    Reprosa would begin in the 1970s, when Frank Santomenno, a businessman living in the city, was enjoying a dinner party with friends when he commented about the loss of significant historical pre-Columbian artifacts that had been stolen from the gold room of the National Anthropological Museum, and how the world would now not be able to enjoy viewing and looking over the beautiful collections that had been created by the indigenous tribes of that period. Fortunately, for them, their country and the world, there were a few collectors of pre-Columbian art that said they would be most happy to loan their pieces so that replicas could be made and the world would be able to see the magnificent works from centuries ago and the fabulous craftsmanship that these early smiths had. Frank would be left holding the bag and so he would begin the process of copying these beautiful pieces, reading as much about it as possible. It wasn't long before people in the city heard of his endeavors and wanted to purchase the magnificent copies. His wife, Penny, would set up shop and start selling "huacas" and when their son and his wife came for a vacation, it turned into a family business. Thus, there are many beautiful pieces of old world charm and beauty that can be purchased for a fraction of what it would normally cost visitors. They now sell, treasures of the sea, traditional jewelry, eternal orchids, huacas and buried treasure items that are the most desirable replicas of treasured pieces of Panama.

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    Panama Interoceanic Canal MuseumPanama Interoceanic Canal Museum Panama City, Panama
    this excellent museum opened in 1997 and became the most modern and visited museum in the nation, sitting inside a structure built in 1875 and had been called the Grand Hotel, which is quite representative of the architecture from the 19th century, and would become home to various other businesses. This museum honors the nation's rich marine commerce that traveled around the world, for many decades, and its main purpose is the education of all people, both foreigners and citizens as well. There are permanent and temporary exhibits, that depict the history of the canal and the nation.

January 14, 2014