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    Carnegie Museum of Natural HistoryCarnegie Museum of Natural History Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    this outstanding natural history museum sits in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that had been started by Pittsburgh-based industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1896 and still has an international reputation for its outstanding research and is considered to be one of the best five natural history museum in these United State. The museum occupies 115,000 square feet of space that is divided into 20 galleries along with library, office spaces and a research facility; with about 21 million specimens which means that only about 10,000 can be shown at any one time, with one million specimens catalogued in the online databases. At the end of 2008, the museum had welcomed 386,000 visitors and 63,000 school groups. It would make history in 1899 when scientists from here would discover the fossil remains of a diplodocus carnegii, and currently its spectacular dinosaur collection contains the world's biggest collection of Jurassic dinosaurs and the third biggest collection of mounted and displayed dinosaurs in the country. Some of the most significant include the skull of Samson, the most complete tyrannosaurus rex skull that has been found to date and the new, still unnamed, species of oviraptorosaur; and just recently their scientists has unearthed the fruitafossor windscheffeli. A few of the other outstanding major exhibits include the Alcoa Foundation Hall of American Indians, the Powdermill Nature Reserve, the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems, Polar World, Wyckoff Hall of Arctic Life and the Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt. The Powdermill Nature Reserve was started by the museum in 1956 to serve as its field station for long-term studies that relate to natural populations. The research staff has been organized into different departments that include; vertebrate paleontology, anthropology, birds, botany, invertebrate zoology, Powdermill Nature Reserve, minerals, herpetology, mollusks, invertebrate paleontology, mammals and paleobotany.

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    Carnegie Museum of ArtCarnegie Museum of Art Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    another exceptional museum begun by Andrew Carnegie, in 1895, this museum houses a most distinguished collection of contemporary art that also includes film and video works, and first considered by Carnegie in 1886, when he mentioned his first idea of incorporating a library with an art gallery so that a record could be created and preserved of the progress and development of pictorial art in this nation. It was dedicated in 1895 and at first kept in the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh at its main branch in Oakland. Since Carnegie had thought about creating a museum collection filled with the old masters of tomorrow, this museum would become the first museum of modern art in the country; getting a large addition in 1907 that included the Hall of Architecture, Bruce Galleries and the Hall of Sculpture with the funding provided by Carnegie himself. The Sarah Mellon Scaife Gallery would be constructed as an addition to the institute in 1974, designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes, and doubled the exhibition space to 125,000 square feet, as well as adding a bookstore, children's studio, offices and theater; and has been described as an "unflawed paradise". The curatorial departments include photography, fine arts that include works on paper and contemporary art, architecture and decorative arts, as well as hosting fifteen changing exhibitions per year. The permanent collection includes about 35,000 works and includes American and European decorative arts from the late 17th century to the current day, installations, paintings, sculptures and prints with an emphasis on Japanese prints. Rather uniquely, the museum has a strong collection in chairs and aluminum relics, with about 1800 works being showcased at any one time.

March 31, 2014