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    Fort la Reine MuseumFort la Reine Museum Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
    constructed in 1738, Fort La Reine was one of the original forts that were directed to be built by Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de La Verendrye, the first military commander of the west that has become known as Canada. The fort is situated on the Assinibonie River by Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada and would eventually become the first fur trading post in the region, becoming the base of operations for most of the exploration that would occur north and west. Currently, the museum is named after that fort, with a copy of the original situated on the museum grounds along with many other historical structures that span that early period to the present day. The youngest La Verendrye son would launch his expeditions to the west and construct other forts along the way that included Fort Bourbon, Fort de la Corne, Fort Dauphin and Fort Paskoya. This fort would be the starting point for a magnificent expedition that took the explorers down the upper Missouri River to the Yellowstone River in 1743.

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    Portage Art Center & GalleryPortage Art Center & Gallery Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
    this wonderful arts center houses an art library, gift shop, pottery studio, gallery, dance studio, boardroom and classrooms, housed in the William Glesby Center, showcasing a new exhibit or installation each quarter, highlighting the works of local artists, regional and national artists as well, within 1700 square feet of space. They have individual and family memberships that offer discounts for the many classes held here and the supplies needed. One of their current exhibitions is called Hovercraft and includes weaving, string art, arctic inspired dolls, video, sculpture, intricate multi-media sculpture, paper marbling, embroidery and an ecological corporeal installation that were created by artists, Jeanette Johns, Suzie Smith, Takashi Iwasaki, Heather Komus, Kristin Nelson and Chantel Mierau.

January 4, 2014