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    San Jose Estuary and Bird SanctuarySan Jose Estuary & Bird Sanctuary San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico
    this estuary is one of the more favorite birdwatching areas in the nation, with ospreys, heron, ducks, moorhens, orioles, coots, grebes, woodpeckers and ibis; as well as many others, depending on when you visit. It is only five minutes away from the downtown area of San Jose Del Cabo and is supposed to house over 200 species of birds from around the region, which you can either walk through or take one of the kayaks that are rented locally and explore this interesting area on your own. The sunrise and sunsets in this area are said to be quite beautiful, but the birds are usually there in mid-morning, before it becomes too hot. There is a wonderful cultural center located there that can answer any questions you might have, as well as giving some great background information about the area and the many types of birds that inhabit or visit the estuary. Other species include sandpipers, kingfishers, frigate birds, brown pelicans, egrets, cardinals, scrub jays, kestrels, buntings, hummingbirds, warblers and many others that can be viewed in the waters or along its shores hunting for food or nesting areas. It has become a haven for photographers and folks that just want a quiet and peaceful area to walk and enjoy the beauty that is available for all and free to enjoy.

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    Casa de la CulturaCasa de la Cultura San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico
    this house would become a refuge for Americans during the Mexican-American War of 1847 and has been preserved in its original condition and is one of the more interesting places to visit when you come to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. Today, the pink colored colonial structure has become a favorite cultural center offering the community many artistic venues that include theater, music, dance and a small exhibit gallery.  As you can see by the image to the right, their shows are very colorful and exciting, providing the community with excellent shows and productions that delight the local and visiting people. It is a great venue to stop by and visit, with almost something happening all the time.

January 5, 2014