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    Luobi CaveLuobi Cave Sanya, China
    this karst cave sits under the face of Yin Ridge some 9 plus miles from Sanya City, China, with an entrance 40 feet high and 30 feet wide, with the interior rising almost 60 feet, and floor space of some 1500 square feet, and two enormous stalactites hanging down. There are many inscriptions carved into the walls of the cave and believed to date from the Yuan dynasty in 1271 to 1368 AD. One such inscription provides the exact date of 1283 AD, and it is later mentioned in the Ming dynasty records for Hainan province that was compiled during the reign of the Zhengde emperor in 1505 to 1525 AD. During the period between 1992 and 1993, archaeologists would do a complete excavation of the cave as well as survey over 750 square feet, discovering eight fossilized human teeth, several hundred fossilized animal bones, stone and bone tools and over 70,000 sea shells and evidence of ancient fires. Radiocarbon dating put the discoveries from the late upper Paleolithic period from 10,000 years ago and showcase the earliest evidence of human remains in the province, along with the southernmost happening of stone tools from the era. The cave became a national protected site in 2001 and according to legend, anyone that has water dripped on them from the stalactites will become a great writer, with a good number of large flat stones laid across the floor believed to have been inkstones that were used by the Taoist immortals as writing tables. Nearby, the Xianlang Cave is believed to have been the home of a female immortal that had come down from heaven and married a human from the local Li minority.

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    Sanya Daxiaodongtian AreaSanya Daxiaodongtian Area Sanya, China
    some 25 miles west of Sanya, China, the Daxiaodongtian area of scenery has been just developed, the legendary Taoist artifacts seen here have over 800 hundred years of history, because during the Song Dynasty, a Taoist master came here to become a hermit since he loved the tranquility and beauty of the Nanshan Mountain. He would construct Taoist temples and preached the Taoist philosophy here for many years. The Immortal Alter, Immortal's Foot and other ancient poems have recorded the master's travels and showcase the relics he left behind. The Taoism states that is has 10 Big Dongtians or big immortal mountains, 72 holy lands in the nation, 36 smaller dongtians or mountains with a small immortal mountain somewhere below the seaside cliffs. The magnificent beauty of the region, with its mountains, forests and waters has made this region of China one of the most visited regions in the nation, with amazing formations of rock. The longevity of the people living here has been well known throughout the country and allows everyone of the villagers to go beyond 80 years old. The oldest surviving people in the country live here today, and one of their most favorite and famous old sayings is; "wishing you live long as people living in Nanshan. There isn't any local industries here to foul the air and the mountains keep it fresh and alive.

January 11, 2014