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    Shanghai MuseumShanghai Museum Shanghai, China
    The Shanghai Museum is a museum housing ancient Chinese art, sitting on the People's Square in Shanghai, China which was started in 1952 and opened in the Shanghai Racecourse Clubhouse. It moved in 1959, into the old Zhonghui building that has previously held bank and insurance offices, and it would sit there until 1992, when it would be moved once more into the land that the government had given them in People's Square. Construction began in 1993, and finished in 1996, with five floors and designed in the shape of an ancient bronze cooking vessel called a ding. They say that the inspiration for the design would be given by Da Ke Ding, that is now showcased at the museum, with a round top and square base, that symbolizes the Chinese perception of the world as a round sky and square earth. This magnificent museum houses more than 120,000 pieces of artworks that include; paintings, seals, bronze, calligraphy, ancient coins, foreign art, ceramics, furniture, minority art and jades. There are eleven galleries and three special temporary exhibition halls. The museum also contains a number of works that are of national significance, that includes an extant specimen of a transparent bronze mirror that comes from the Han dynasty.

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    Shanghai History MuseumShanghai History Museum Shanghai, China
    dedicated to the history of the city of Shanghai, China, the municipal museum concentrates on the 100 years of history of the opening of the port in 1843 to the communist takeover of 1949. The museum began in 1983, as the Shanghai History and Cultures Relics Showroom, opening in 1984 on the property of the Shanghai Agriculture Exhibition, and moved to a newer location in 1991, and changing its name to the Shanghai History Museum. In 2001, it would be moved again, only into the basement of the Oriental Pearl Tower. Their permanent exhibition today is separated into five areas and entitled; Trace Back to HuaTing, Style and Features in the Town, Sketch of the Port-Opening, Foreign Settlement and Old Footsteps in Shanghai. This outstanding collection contains over 30,000 pieces, with 18,000 the related to the modern history of the city and some of the finest pieces include; Gu embroidery of flowers, insects and fish by the Ming dynasty "needle saint", Han Ximeng, a bronze cannon attributed to General Zhen Yuan that had belonged to Chen Huacheng, the Hua Qian of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, a Qing dynasty general that had been responsible for the city's defenses during the First Opium War and a pair of bronze lions from the entrance to the former HSBC building.

January 11, 2014