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    Shenyang Imperial PalaceShenyang Imperial Palace Shenyang, China
    The Mukden Palace is also known as the Shenyang Gugong and the Shenyang Imperial Palace, and is the old imperial palace of the early Qing Dynasty of China, constructed in 1625, with the first three Qing emperors coming here to live from 1625 to 1644, situated in the center of Mukden Manchuria also known as Shenyang, China. It would be constructed by Nurhaci in 1625, and by 1631, more structures would be added by Emperor Huang Taiji, and constructed as a copy of the great Forbidden City in Beijing; although the palace does have traces of Manchurian and Tibetan styles. When the Qing dynasty replaced the Ming dynasty in 1644, the Mukden palace would lose its status as the official residence of the emperor, so it was made a regional palace; until 1780, when Emperor Qianlong would enlarge it and the palace would become a retreat for them every year. The palace was transformed into a museum in 1955, and then included in the list of the World Heritage site.

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    Zhaoling TombZhaoling Tomb Shenyang, China
    Zhaoling Tomb is situated in Beling Park, the biggest public park in the city, and contains the mausoleum of Huang Taiji, of the Qing Dynasty and his queen, Bo'erjijite, who had been the eighth son of Nurachi, the great leader that started the Later Jin State and laid the foundation of the Qing Dynasty. He would become a great politician like his father, and the tomb is located on the north side of the city, which has been called, Beiling, or North Tomb, occupying over 1112 acres. Its construction would start in 1643 and take eight years to complete, and with the Fuling tomb at Shenyang and Yongling tomb in Xinbin, these three mausoleums are called, "the Three Museums of the Strategic Pass". Zhaoling is the biggest and best, as well as being one of the finest preserved imperial mausoleums in the nation. The park is filled with marvelous pine trees that wander for miles in every direction, and last count had more than two thousand of them located here. Many of them are over 300 years old, with some quite a bit older; with three standing out the most and they are; the Phoenix pine, the Tortoise pine and the Spouse pine.

January 11, 2014