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    Shenzhen MuseumShenzhen Museum Shenzhen, China
    sitting in the heart of downtown, Shenzhen, China, beside the tranquil Lychee Lake, the Shenzhen Museum has become the multifunctional museum of the city, that houses the collection, exhibit and research of cultural artifacts of international standards. The museum is housed in an old castle that contains four stories with elevators, and permanent exhibits include; ancient Shenzhen, recent Shenzhen, Shenzhen today and numerous sociological and cultural arrays. The museum offers a film version of the history of the city, with the Xiasha community in the Futian district; and while the city itself is only 26 years old, the region traces its history to the Song Dynasty that existed here between 960 to 1279 AD. There are many ancient documents that testify the community of Huang have descended from the Huang community that dates to the Spring and Autumn period from 770-476 BC. Their exhibits are offered in English and Chinese, with literary texts, artifacts and docudramas to showcase the evolutions of certain clans and their lifestyles. There are many life sized bronze statues throughout the museum that show the life of the residents before 1980, as well as small scale replicas of tombs, ancient Hakka villages and ancestral temples.

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    Shenzhen Paleontology MuseumShenzhen Paleontology Museum Shenzhen, China
    this museum is a specialized organization that was created to collect, preserve and showcase the traces of lives in the earth and promotes convenience for the public to learn more about the paleontology of the area, and to show that history to the community in a meaningful and understandable environment. The first floor hall tells the story of how animals in the earth evolved from what they were to what they are, and to be able to focus attention on their exhibits, and those included here are; entomolites, animal fossils cover Chenggijang biota, reptiles, Kali biota, birds, fishes and brachiopods. These fossils samples include; molluscs, birds, coelenterates, amphibians, fishes, reptiles, brachiopods, insects, dinosaur eggs, dinosaurs, mammals, arthropods and echinoderms. The museum is located in the Shenzhen Fairylake Botanical garden that opened in 2001, and was opened as a specialized museum for science popularizations and houses over 9000 pieces and specimens. It was constructed next to a mountain using stones, and resembles a huge dinosaur from a great distance away, with areas like South Africa, Madagascar, inner Mongolia, America, Liaoning and Indonesia.

January 11, 2014