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    Boyana ChurchBoyana Church Sofia, Bulgaria
    on the outskirts of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, in the Boyana quarter, sits a magnificent medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church with an east wing constructed in the 10th or 11th century, and part of the two story structure, with the central wing being added in the 13th century during the reign of the Second Bulgarian Empire; and much later, in the 19th century, they would further expand it on the west side with a wing during the mid-19th century. This church has become famous for its outstanding frescoes from 1259, which were used to cover over paintings from the earlier centuries and today is one of the finest examples of well-preserved Eastern European medieval art. This magnificent church contains 89 scenes with 240 human images depicted on the walls of the church, and the painter's name was just discovered during a recent restoration; with an inscription reading, "zograph Vassilii from the village of Subnosha, Serkso and his apprentice Dimitar.

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    National Museum of HistoryNational Museum of History Burgas, Bulgaria
    this national museum was started in 1973 and today houses over 650,000 relics in its collections to make it one of the biggest history museums in the Balkans. It strives to offer an inclusive view of the history of Bulgaria from the earliest prehistory to the current day, in as broad a context as possible. The museum has grown into the biggest archaeological and historical archive in the nation and include; jewelry, Paleolithic, bronze age, Neolithic, Roman age, Chalcolithic, early iron age, weapons, late iron age, numismatics, late antiquity, uniforms, civil clothes and accessories, Middle Ages 7-9th century, Middle Ages 10-12th century, Middle Ages 13-14th centuries, pectorals and other adornments, Late Middle Ages 15-17th centuries, traditional clothing, printed materials, early printed materials in foreign languages, everyday textiles, cinema-photo-phono, church, applied and fine arts, every day items, documents from the National Revival, philately, documents from the period 1887-1944, furniture, documents from the modern history of Bulgaria, tools, photos from the National Revival, maps, posters, photos from the period between 1878 and 1944, incunabula, manufacture samples, periodicals from the period between 1878 and 1944, fine and applied arts, periodicals from the modern history of Bulgaria, flags and heraldry and sphragistics.

January 5, 2014