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    Suzhou MuseumSuzhou Museum Suzhou, China
    the Suzhou is a museum of ancient Chinese art, hand-made items, calligraphies and ancient Chinese paintings, located in Suzhou, China that was founded and opened in 1960 in the former residence of the Zhong Prince of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Today, the museum is housed in a newer structure that opened in 2006 and was designed by Ieoh Ming Pei. This museum contains over 70,000 square feet of space and contains over 15,000 works in its magnificent collections. 247 pieces are considered first class, and it also has more than 20,000 rubbings of stone inscriptions and over 70,000 documents and books. Their collections of paintings and calligraphy house some of the finest masters from the Song dynasty to the Ming and Qing dynasties. It also houses collections of silks and jade along with many examples of outstanding craftworks. The collection of china is excellent as well with beautiful examples from many dynasties and periods of Chinese history.

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    Suzhou Silk MuseumSuzhou Silk Museum Suzhou, China
    The Suzhou silk museum in Suzhou, China documents the exciting and interesting history of silk production and the outstanding Suzhou embroidery from 2000 BC., and includes old looms with demonstrations, an explanation of sericulture and samples of ancient silk patterns. One of the most interesting galleries is the room of live silk worms, spinning cocoons and eating mulberry leaves. As of 2009, the silk worms were replaced by models, so that exhibit is no longer available although they are sure to have something similar. Regardless, the city is the silk capital of the nation, and during the Tang and Song dynasties it would become the silk producing center of the world. The museum is elegant and simple, although unique, in such a way as to combine ancient civilization with modern styles, with numerous stores where you can buy silk. The most favorite color of silk is white, that represents the purity of silk, and all around you, you will see the beauty and simplicity that silk has brought here. It is a very interesting tour and should be taken without a sense of time or place, allowing you to imagine being here hundreds of years ago, when the silk worms were working hard and diligently to produce the world's finest silk.

January 11, 2014